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Monday, November 24, 2008

best friends Winnie D and Bleet

I want (need) to get an an early jump on this early Monday morning, this brand new fresh week. I had somewhat of a lazy day yesterday, that happens sometimes on Sunday's. I have my big long weekly chat with my sister Sandra, putter around, cook a little, do laundry and the next thing you know I'm snugged in the nest with a at least two cats, Miss D, a big stack of December magazines and a pot of orange pekoe tea. My batteries needed to be charged up again and now, today, I must make up for a little time lost yesterday. I also spoiled myself yesterday with a big order from Lush (my favourite smelly bath stuff) an early Christmas gift to moi. They have two specials on right now - free shipping over 100.00 and an extra gift (value 20.00) when you spend 50.00 - 2 (too) good to pass up. Wink. It has been an extremely frugal year (or more) for me and this holiday seems a good time to treat myself to a few things :

- a new fleecy sweater or jacket (full retail - not my usual second hand thrift shop)
- new Cavallini wall calender - sigh. Vintage maps ... I sure do love a map
- 100.00 gift certificate at (some creative inspiration pour moi)
- new socks and underwear
- a jacket for Missy D and little boots for our strolls on salt covered streets
- and kitten treats for les Chats (Bleet, Oliver & Gus)

What's on your holiday wish list ?

I decided to dine vicariously at Balthazar last evening avec MLou & Lorna. I started with the Balthazar Salad (with haricots verts, asparagus, fennel, ricotta salata and truffle vinaigrette) then their famous Steak Frites with Bernaise Sauce, to finish perfect coffee and for dessert a toss up between Pavlova and Caramel Banana Tart. A must do on my next adventure to NYC.


  1. awwww... Bleet loves Winnie .... I always think it is so neat when cats and dogs get along... or more so yet when they really love each other..

    hey...I checked out yer sox lady... then I had to go further to find out how much they were, but got even further into it when I saw sock monkeys....yikes!! Argyle monkeys... $68 !!! I need to get me a sock monkey pattern or figure out how to make them... can you believe I have never made one or had one? ... for the amount of work that goes into those...and they don't even look that well finished...I could flog some for half that price.....

    Greg is working 7 day weeks right now, poor guy.... so I feel single...... all of my days are my own ... today I'm off to do a BIG grocery shop... in case. I found an old letter to my sister and in '06.. it snowed a foot and plummeted to -29 C on the 27th November.... it is time to make sure all staples are stocked up... ready to hunker down just in case... then stitch a bit on my little Persimmon bear....

    oh... and if I see any contests for a trip to NY.... you can bet I will be entering your name....I have absolutely no desire to go there... have a great productive day Susan.... hugs and face burying to the furry gang.....

  2. your pets look adorable together. good for you for treating yourself!! my b'day is 12/23 (56 this year yikes!!) and i bought myself a pair of pajamas and one of those new robe jackets. my plan was to keep them hidden away as a surprise for me on my b'day but i already got them out to wear. i needed some comfort over the weekend!

    on my wish list for xmas: shiva paint sticks, epson scanner and printer (so excited about these!!!), a portable tripod and a barnes & noble gift card!!

    hope you get all that you wish for -- and more!!

  3. Such sweet darling faces. It's kind of scary, but the only thing I've thought about Christmas so far is that I need to get my card list together. And there's a couple of books I want to read, but I think I'll get them from the library.

  4. Hey girl....
    I like your Christmas list. I thought at one time I'd give myself a camera for Christmas. But I decided I wouldn't spend that much money. Then last week I decided I'm going to go nuts if I don't make a get-away for myself and so I planned one for three weeks from now to a ski resort I like. Not to ski, just to chill. Got a sitter for Katy and everything and made my NON REFUNDABLE reservations. I just got that confirmation and realized I could have bought a new camera for that amount! Yikes. But, honestly, a three day trip just for me to the even deeper mountains still seems worth it.

    Pop over when you can...I have a recipe I'll bet you will like.

  5. Hey, thanks for the heads up on the Rape of Europa! I had seen it advertised and forgot to make a note of it. I'll be watching tonight at 9:00. Thanks, dear friend! :)

    I really enjoyed the documentary on Alistair Cooke last night, did you happen to see it? It might have been on a little late for you and the gang.

  6. that restaurant sounds great.

    so, did your day go as planned?

  7. Have had a bit of catching up to do with your blogs Susan. Thanks for your visits. I love your design with the red pattern from a previous post. As well as a white background which you've made look stunning,I also love red designs with that caramel colour as a background.My holiday wish list includes my newly established little garden flourishing. It will give me great joy if I can work it around our water restrictions!

  8. Hmmmm...your Sunday sounded SO relaxing. How did your Monday go? And what a great wish list. Mine is small, but I do have one! ;)

    Much love to you!!


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