hearts & berries

Sunday, November 23, 2008

hearts & berries painted sketch

One of two Christmas card ideas that I designed and painted yesterday, between cooking leek & potato soup, scooping kitty litter, doing dishes, drawing more full sized frames enlarged from tiny thumbnails and shoveling snow. This hearts and berries design will not make the etsy shop cut - it's pretty, but by the time you factor in the envelope, cellophane sleeve, mailer and shipping costs - well it's just not that spectacularly pretty. Pas de wow as they say. The other design, who's finished look is very firmly planted in my creative imagination (how it will look exactly, and the feeling that it will evoke) also did not make the cut yesterday, although I still feel it's design concept is very strong - I'll just need to try painting it again or perhaps use cut paper to illustrate it instead of gouache. Due to the holiday time constraints it will likely only make it to la shop in an art print form (it's part of the red dog yellow dog series of illustrations) and will hopefully (if all goes as planned) end up being my snail mail Christmas card. So secretive. wink.

Just out of the land of bubbles with lemon & orange, wrapped up in my teddy bear soft bath robe and here we go again another busy day at 29 Black Street.

Miss D is waiting patiently for me to get dressed, and get bundled up so that she and I can crunch along narrow snow packed streets, then home to finish shoveling the driveway and thus freeing the 97' teal coloured Ford Escort wagon. We had a lot of snow come down yesterday ... sticky, wet, heavy as bricks snow. Sigh


  1. Reading your latest entries makes me feel all warm and excited about Christmas. And happy.

  2. Good morning, sweet Susan. I just finished catching up on reading your last few blogs and commenting. I'm sorry I've been away lately. I've had alot going on and decided to take the last few days away from the PC and focus on some things for me. (I hope that doesn't sound too selfish)

    We have had flurries here, but no snowfall that is sticking to the ground...yet. It's still pretty darn cold, though! I look forward to hearing how your walk went! :)

    SO much love to you and the gang!

  3. That comment deleted was mine... I accidentally posted it twice. Sorry...

  4. Like Lara, your recent postings make me Christmassy! Snow and everything! I know it's warm and furry in your house right now, and Edward and I send greetings!

  5. I'm not sure what you mean Judy ?
    by plien de wow ?

  6. I think your hearts & berries design is absolutely lovely!!!

  7. Susan, I was trying to say "plenty of wow" in response to your "no wow".
    But Willow said it better... I thought the hearts and berries were lovely, too.

  8. Oh, of course I meant to type "plein" instead of "plien".
    No wonder you didn't understand! "I" before "e" doesn't apply in French, does it?
    Never mind!

  9. I love that card. You are clever!


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