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Thursday, November 6, 2008

This illustration is from a holiday fundraising event poster that I created earlier this week for my local animal shelter - recognize that handsome red dog ? Avec his favourite fat black cat Nessie-ness. Smile.

A few more projects tucked in and put to bed. Sigh. Today will be one of those catch up days, catching up with the little things. Bills to pay, laundry to do, desks to clean, cheques to deposit, invoices to sort, art supplies to put away. And a day to think and dream up some new projects and a few new wares for my etsy shop. I've had a few requests for specific images lately so ... please feel free to email me. Any image can be created just for you and in any size.

I must pour my second cup of coffee, prepare my bath of bubbles and scent and begin writing out my detailed (wink), lovely long little things list for this day.


  1. such a whimsical, colorful illustration! and, yes, i do recognize your beloved jake! i so want a catch-up day at home. after a week of vacation and then trying to dig out at work i have left so many loose ends dangle at home. maybe i can pul it all together this weekend.

  2. This poster is absolutely adorable, Susan! Jake would be so proud!

  3. I love your poster. It's so fun and colorful and well, just adorable. Perfect for the shelter.

  4. Hey Susan
    Thanks for your kind comment and stopping by.
    A new post.. Bailey had surgery!
    I know you are a pet lover so you understand.
    Love your blog.. want to catch up and read your back posts.

  5. Such a sweet poster of Jake and Bleet! You have such a range of styles, I know you don't necessarily like to be too cute (even if I happen to enjoy it).
    I often think of your "Echoes" designs, since I particularly like that type of unique sophistication.

  6. it Susan. Bleet looks almost.... smug... a happy little smug that he found big ol' Jake...

    I love that video with Bob... happy and sad all at the same time I swear. What is it about it that makes us shed a tear I wonder? Just the thought of holding onto our dreams? I guess...........

  7. I love how you write lists, take actual baths, lovely photos, etc. Very contemplative. Very real.

    Good for you for the poster!!


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