clear, crisp & calm

Friday, November 21, 2008

who's that cat ? running around with you ?

Sweet Oliver

If all goes as planned - she says with bated breath I hope to have Christmas cards avec red envelopes with plans to ship immediately, and also a few new prints in my etsy shop by early next week. I have been SO busy here at the teak topped desk drawing Cute, Sweet & Happy baby themed frames that my busy and often tragic mind has been totally preoccupied. For the most part Ache, Tears, Sadness, Worry & Fret - the whole gang of them have been away (4 wheeling to the camp with many a two four I suspect). I know they'll sneak back at sometime but I've been enjoying this lovely reprieve from angst-filled living and I've been sleeping well.

The big, black velvet chicelet has arrived here atop the teak topped desk and sprawled his chubby fat Nessie-ness body in front of me (and my keyboard). He's come back inside a little early this morning due to a very vocal kitty altercation with a neighbours cat at the end of our driveway. As you may know already whenever Bleet comes inside, from his travels around and adventures outside in our gigantic yard and garden, no matter if he's been gone 15 minutes or several hours. A giant fuss must instantly and dramatically be made. He'll purr madly while I rub and scratch, pat and cuddle and ... simply adore him, because surely we've been sick with longing at his absence. Missy D even gets in on the action which Bleet of course, totally loves.

New rust free oil tank will be installed today by men who call to say that they're coming, actually do arrive and give precise estimates ... sigh, be still my heart.

Clear, crisp, calm and a billion stars in our dark sky.

OMG - Stephen (swoon) Colbert is on Martha Stewart today - cue up the VCR


  1. awwww.... sweet little Ver.... didya ever notice how his nickname has the first three letters of my name?... lol.... I so love his beautiful face and soft, stripy coat. And, look at those whiskers!!

    Guess what? Much as I gave up list making quite a while ago... I think I have to go back to it for a bit. I am forgetting to do things.... and by the end of my day I get frustrated when I see that things have been left yet again..for tomorrow.....

    All I wanted to do today was stitch on my new little bear ...but, no... need to make toilets, clean two huge mirrors, exercise, bathe, wash and dry hair, tidy this glass topped mahogany desk, search out two smallish boxes for pay-it-forward gifts that I want to mail before the holiday season (it is holiday themed things to use in baking;it originated on a baking blog) AAACCCKKKK!! Is it midnight yet? and in there somewhere fix supper and gee... can I get in two or three stitches on a bear please? Okay, that does it... cross off the lst 5 things on the list and insert "work on new bear" ...!! see why I quit my lists? hahahahhahahahha....wheeeeeeeee..... uh, oh...I'm losing it....

  2. Gorgeous photos of sweet Oliver. I love how his whiskers glow in the light! It makes me want to reach right through the screen and touch him.
    Aren't cats beautiful? I marvel at my own three every day.

  3. Such sweet pictures of a sweet cat! Love the whiskers.

  4. Your title today is how I wish my head were, but unfortunately isn't. Maybe a weekend away will help, get a little perspective.
    Oliver is completely adorable.

  5. ...looking forward to seeing your new prints. Sounds like you have been busy, busy, busy for awhile now. I'm glad things are going well for you! :)

    Much love!


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