Tuesday, November 4, 2008

5pm clouds - standing on the street in front of 29 Black Street

It's a big day today.

It's election day in the US and the choice (it seems to me) between totally frightening, and pretty darn progressive ... but hey that's just my opinion ... I am a flaming liberal ... socialist even, and I'm Canadian but I know that the whole world will be watching along with me. Watching and hoping and praying that a big change is coming. That a woman's health will always matter, that wars will end and troops will come home, that polar bears lives and pristine natural habitats will be saved and protected for future generations, that health care and education will be every child's right, and that you can and will sit down and begin a dialogue with your enemies ... that people will believe again that anything is possible.
Big, crazy, hopeful global dreams of change.

I may be sleeping on the sofa tonight in front of the television - on this historic day.

watch this (can't find it now - it was an early morning video post on the barackobama.com blog the music playing in the background Brooklyn based The National -video below) it gave me goose bumps, it made tears well up in my eyes ...
tears of collective hope.

Oh, and November 4th is also my sister's birthday. Happy Birthday Sandra.


  1. Yes, anything is possible!! Glad you're thinking those good thoughts for us down here!

  2. Amen! Amen! Amen!
    I agree 100% with every word you said. I hope for all the same things, too. Every one of them. And I voted accordingly.

  3. Today feels incredibly momentous to me too, like it's one of those ever-remembered days no matter what. I'm cautiously optimistic, but feeling wary too, 'cause I've been burned before.

  4. I share the same hopes, and I was going to say dreams...dreams and hopes seem a little too ephemeral. I do believe it is possible...and I want it to bloom right here and right now!
    Take care.

  5. Many blogs I used to visit turned so nasty, hateful and bigoted that I quit going. Guess who owns them? Evangelical Christians. What nerve calling themselves Christian when they spew the "stuff" that I've been reading.... cut my blog list in half and I feel about 40 pounds lighter getting away from that toxicity. What's wrong with seeing beyond race and religion and seeing common sense, intelligence, wisdom and sincere desire to help the general population? I hope it's a landslide....

  6. I am watching with you (and also Canadian, but just happen to be in New York right now)...biting fingernails and hoping, hoping.

  7. This is the first time in my entire life that I am truly proud to be an American. We have a leader who has given us hope.

  8. Yes, yes, yes, AND i would add that everyone has a right to life, especially the most innocent, defenceless of us all!!


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