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Saturday, November 15, 2008

cover of the new Land's End catalogue

Perfectly simple and oh so clever. The hallmarks of great graphic design and advertising. Sigh. One of the many, many things that girl and I have in common is a love (love, love) of fleece. We love the colours, we love the softness and we love the warmth and coziness so this image seemed a perfect one for today - and of course we also share a love of the oh so simple and tres clever design. Sigh.

Yes that girl's arriving again for another visit. Uh Huh ! MLou is due here at 29 Black Street along with Missy J and sugar donuts oh anytime past 8:30 this morning. She's putting her husband on a plane, back once again to his job overseas and since the airport is located kind of, sort of, on the way to our house it's about (1/10th of the 2 hour drive in the proper direction) and she knows that this busy designer girl has recently had another 2 cords of fire wood dumped in her front garden.

She and I pitched and stacked 2 cords of wood in 2.5 hours two weekends ago and that with a fair bit of chatting thrown in for good measure. Her rational for today - she's in the car, Jigs is with her, she's pointed in the right direction and she's up very early and drinking coffee - so why not keep on drivin', have a visit and pitch and stack a little wood, ensuring that there's another large item removed from my ever long list of winter prep must do's ... how could I argue with that I ask ? We also have the loan of my neighbour Roger's big maroon pick up truck, if we like, so that we can load up all the neatly piled and bundled small logs and branches (yard and garden debris) from les recent chainsaw extravaganza.

Yet another two more potential contractor handy men (what am I up to now ? 5 or 6) have fallen by the way side . They say that they're coming although they never, ever will give you a firm when (which is completely irritating when you yourself are a busy person working always to deadline) they don't show up, they never call and they're unable to give you even a ballpark estimate of the cost of the job. Who needs them ? I think to myself ... imagine if I ran my business that way. I shudder to think. I have decided from now on - I am only working with contractor - handy men types who conduct themselves in a professional manner. Who run their business as I run mine. Two strikes and they're out. I am SO tired of having to pester and beg people to do work for me ... or to have to call and remind them of my job. If my job isn't important to them ... then ... Zzzzzzz! I will zap them with my disappearing ray gun and they instantly will be gone forever from the dark recesses of this ever busy mind. Smug smirk.

So ... this early morning I say a big Amen and thank goodness for friends and neighbours, do-it-yourself guides and for the one or two handy men contractor types that run a tight ship - with a big shout out to Vinney our local Chimney Sweep. You rock Vinny !

... and Shari is the winner of our most recent giveaway. Congratulations ! Please email me and let me know which item from les shop you would like. Happy Saturday all.


  1. You are an early bird.
    Have fun with your friend today.
    I like the sound of stacking all that wood.
    We have ours ready to go for our woodstove too.
    Have a good day.

  2. I love Lands End clothing and have been living in two zip up fleece jacket style thingies for the last month. And I adore their black yoga style pants. They're simple, warm and easy to wash.

    Enjoy your visit with MLou! :^)

  3. well....I like fleece, honest I do..... but.... it's just downright dangerous in a climate like mine. Dry. One step...maybe two steps and not even dragging my feet either... ..turn on a light and..ZZAAAPPPP!!!!@! or touch some metal... yikes!! my hair stands on end and I shriek out loud... I'll have to stick with cotton.. if and when I can find is becoming quite rare and I'm not happy about it. Some day soon I may have to try making my own dressing gown.... groan.....or better yet, hire somebody to do it for me so I can have a real, fluffy, spa-like, terry cotton one again.

    yayyy Vinny! a trooper .... I'm with you.. drop unwanted baggage in the form of those who aren't organized or who don't actually want to work. Wonder if things will change in the next few months when the economy really slows.... I'm of the opinion that this is not nearly the bottom of things yet...

  4. Wow! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I am so excited -- your work is so gorgeous! It is hard to choose, but I have decided I would love "Pink Peonies 2". "Bleetito" was a very close 2nd though. How cute.

    For some reason my computer is not letting me follow the link to send you an e-mail. It won't even let me see the address. If you don't mind, could you e-mail me at so I can respond with my mailing address? Thanks Susan.

  5. I love fleece too. Wonderful. And fantastic that it makes something useful out of recycled plastic bottles--quite brilliant really. Who would have ever guessed?!

    Congrats on MLou coming out. How good.

  6. I love fleece too. Wonderful. And fantastic that it makes something useful out of recycled plastic bottles--quite brilliant really. Who would have ever guessed?!

    Congrats on MLou coming out. How good.


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