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Friday, November 14, 2008

red dog, yellow dog, teeny black kitten

Jake, Emma Jane Louise, Bleet

love ... love ... love

Hey ! there's new stuff in my etsy shop and a special gift with purchase promotion - by any two illustration prints, photo art print cards or combo of and receive a miniature Tiny Life - Big Heart print as a gift, a tiny token of appreciation.

I know for sure (not that I ever doubted it really) that I am SO doing what I'm supposed to be doing 'cause I could not wait to get up this morning. Couldn't wait to sit here in the dark and tell you all about the new stuff in my etsy shop, and how thrilling it is to finally get some of my illustrations (in print form) up and out there. I can't wait to have my bath of bubbles and scent and grab Missy D to scoot around this little village in darkness as she partakes in her most favourite and always intense, early morning, nasal investigations - hmmmm ...who's been here through the night ? I suspect she's wondering hmmmm ... allow me pause awhile to smell the ground for several minutes. I can't wait to get back home, do up last night's dishes, tidy up the kitchen quickly so that I can rush back up to les office and settle back in at the teak topped desk. Sigh.

I'm also excited because I have oh, just a few bazillion other ideas for new paintings and collages which I cannot wait to create and get even more illustration prints up in les shop. Customer No Uno picked 23 frames from my recent massive collection of baby themed thumbnails (uh huh !) - I wish I could show you but they, of course, are top top secret - they are SO sweet - if I do say so myself and will be so fun to draw into final full size frame drawings (that's 23 x final frame drawing fee !$! uh-huh, uh-huh) And ... I'm in the midst of creating another big bunch of thumbnails (with an end of day today deadline) for another collection of frames that's even way more up my alley and hoping (please) for at least another 22 final frame drawings (remember mon request Monsieur Universe). Mama's gonna be tied, contentedly, to the teak topped desk for awhile now.

So ... I'm feeling Pretty Proud of Moi ... that this week I also managed to squeeze in a few new etsy listings, order necessary supplies to go with (cellophane sleeves and larger mailers), sent some $$ to quiet Mr. R. Canada, created 2 very well received full colour petite posters (one for our Animal Shelter Holiday Fundraiser and another for our little village's Christmas by the Sea Festivities - my client BFF Harry who's the unofficial mayor of this wee seaside place. He and I traded - I created a poster for him and Le Petite Chamber of Commerce and he's going to help me clean out my basement - no question I got the better deal on that one (smug grin).

Big, happy, sigh ... I do declare I'm on a freakin' roll ... there's no doubt about it.

* and hey ... don't forget we're having a giveaway ... today's the last day to leave a comment here (or email me) to enter. Any item (including new stuff) from les etsy shop could be yours ! Miss D and Sweet Oliver will draw a name very early tomorrow morning.

detail from 8.5 x 11 print - Good Things Come


  1. I love that feeling of happy productivity, of doing what you love, of being on a roll. I am not feeling that right now, so I enjoyed living it vicariously through you! And hoping some of it will rub off today, as I think it might, because you have inspired.

  2. I thought of you plenty yesterday... while I was having a wonderful, productive day also.... baking "your" peasant bread in the midst of doing some sewing. I call it Susan's bread all the time even if we nicked it from another site.
    Wish I could be there to see Oliver and Miss W. draw the names.... they would be so cute sitting there... wondering what it is they are supposed to be doing.... animals are such fun.... wish Mr. B Vee liked cats.. well, it is mostly his sinuses so I can't push it...he can hardly breathe any of the time ,,, never mind around cats...

    have a great day today too..... I'm off to try to return some "Final Sale" cushions.... which, after a week of sitting on my couch I have decided smell like wet dogs..ick.. then, I noticed on the tag...feathers! aaacckkk! obviously, feathers that have not been properly cleaned or something... I have had this problem before with feather pillows. And... now.... the other couch cushions stink too....arrrgghhhh! They will be out in the sun today.....

    I'll be wearing my pinchiest shoes and think I'll even pull on a thong to make damn sure I'm in the proper frame of mind to do business when I get to that store......

  3. I'm feeling the joy all the way out here in Colorado, Girl! Feeling your energy and fine minded self confidence. I love it! And I love all your new work. It's great to see you on a roll!!

    hugs galore.....

  4. Are you kidding? You never, ever sound like that. When things are going well for you we all cheer with our hearts!

  5. you guys are way too sweet ! xo S

  6. Happy vibes from you today, great. Its good to be busy ay?


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