merci mlou

Sunday, November 16, 2008

early morning walk along the harbour's edge

Sleepy yawn. Big shoulder shrugging stretch. My second mug of coffee and a bath with bubbles and head clearing mint, rosemary, lavender and eucalyptus. Sigh ... I'm tired this morning yet I willingly bounced out of bed at 4:30 am (??) I do believe a glorious and well deserved Sunday afternoon nap avec latest good book is most definitely in order.

It's totally amazing what two girls with a plan, a large maroon borrowed pick-up truck and a wheelbarrow can accomplish in a day... and all the while deep in ongoing, always stimulating, never miss a beat conversation. We removed three large pick up loads of branches and logs and yard debris from my front garden and took them to the place that you take such things - the transfer station (la dump). A neat and organized large open space with a sweet and funny caretaker man - a place where people can bring their yard debris, old wood, shingles and such (and not nearly as scary and testosterone wafting a place as I had pictured in my oh so fertile, ever self conscious, single gal imagination).

A long and fairly leisurely lunch with lots more chat and then onto the 2 remaining cords of fire wood. By 5:15 another cord of wood was beautifully stacked, high and dry inside my sun porch ready and waiting for many a toasty and cozy fire and the remaining cord was totally tucked in, safe and dry, completely covered with the requisite (in these parts) extra-large bright orange tarp.

Post Yard & Garden Tidying/Winter Prep Extravaganza Part II, Miss J and MLou took a stroll with Miss D and I down into the park and along the harbour's edge just as the evening's darkness had begun to settle in, then they packed up the car ready to begin their two hour drive back to the city. A bit more lingering chat at curbside, big hugs and thank you's and a kiss for Miss J and off they went into the night. My guardian angels. Merci MLou

It's another tres busy week beginning today here at 29 Black Street - turning up to 44 (if wishes and dreams all do come true) picture frame thumbnails into full size production drawings. Sigh. We'll be happily ensconced, drawing away, all week long - here at the teak topped desk.


  1. Good morning, Susan. Beautiful picture!! It's very breathtaking! I wish you a beautiful and successful day in your art!

    Much love (and warmth) to you and the furry gang! :)

  2. You have the BEST best friend! One who will happily come to help with manual labor. Lucky you! I wish I had a sun porch on which to stack my wood and keep it out of the snow. I have a fairly large front porch, but it probably won't hold even one cord....Hmmm, well, you've inspired me to stack even more wood on it. I don't have a friend to help, so I'll enlist Katy. She's good for about 30 minutes then turns into a whiney little helper. Perhaps I should get a tarp. FH never had one, and the wood pile does get covered in lots of snow. Well, your post is food for thought today. Thank goodness for a long, long nice fall. With the exceptions of that one snow, it has been lovely and dry.

    Enjoy your nap and your book. What are you reading right now?

  3. Hi Anya and Alex,

    Yes I am indeed a lucky girl to have a friend such as MLou - and you know the day was completely fun and very satisfying.

    There are three books by my bedside currently all from the library ...

    1. The Story of Edgar Sawtelle which I think I am afraid to read because I'm afraid it will make me feel sad and make me think of Jake even more than I already do - Anya you've read it. Any thoughts or opinions ??

    2. Dark Summit - The true Story of Everest's Most Controversial Season I do love a crazy high adventure mountain climbing our open ocean solo sailing non fiction book.

    3. The Condition - Jennifer Haigh

  4. Like you and Winnie, we are preparing for the cold. The chimney sweep was here on Friday and we are receiving a quite large, and free(!), load of firewood from a dear friend this afternoon. I baked him a cake as a thank you, since he wouldn't hear of being reimbursed with money. Such nice people all around! Have a lovely Sunday, all of you!

  5. That is a beautiful photo, and you do have the best of friends. I hope you remain happily busy and your drawings are well-received. Smiles and warm thoughts to you, Miss Dixon, Nessie, Gussie and Ver

  6. What a gorgeous view and what a day of hard's admirable. It must feel so good to get it done.

  7. wish you lived closer...I'd come to pile wood. I go 8 hours to pile wood with my sister... must be nuts or just like the feel and smell of wood or something. You'd think the opposite..since we had to pile dumptruck loads of it even as very tiny kids..but,nope... I still love wood.

    hahahha... testosterone at the dump... yeh..right...well, okay at ours there is..but they are also just really nice guys (and, yes... big city...even an occasional very butch gal and one who should be a fashion model).....very helpful; they are ultra organized and there are at least 4 burly, smiling guys directing traffic. In a city of a is HUGE.. I drive the old cargo van there kind of regularly when we are doing major renos....... absolutely stuffed to the brim. I think they know me on sight now. My only worry is getting it stuck in the mud, because I worry about looking like an idiot.... so I just don't go on wet days.


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