Saturday, November 29, 2008

bon voyage greeting card design #1

Do you remember way back when, back in September when I was madly getting ready to submit card designs to Great Arrow. A goal that had been on my list of want-to-do's since October of '01. Well I didn't hear anything back from them ... and that's OK - it was, after all, my first time submission. It was however, a totally worthwhile exercise as I managed to work out this looser, more fun (I think), illustration style that I'm really quite happy with plus I crossed off a huge big item that's been hanging around on my master list of goals & dreams for far, far too long. Thought I'd share three of those card designs with you this early morning.

My desk is still a total mess, my second cup of coffee and you guessed it - my buddy Sweet Oliver are both here by my side as I type away. It's mild and fresh this early morning and the sounds of melting snow are the only sounds coming in my open window. Lavender bubbles are waiting and it's another busy day of drawing here at the teak topped desk. I do plan a break after lunch to take in the Tree Fest (30+ theme decorated Christmas trees from local businesses and organizations, amidst a tiny café setting avec coffee, tea, sweets (!) and seasonal tunes from The Travellers (a senior men's chorale group of which Harry's dad Andy is a member). I hope to take lots of festive photos at this event.

Miss D and I have a 9am date with Deb and Maggy Sue for our first of the season big walk at the golf course. And we can hardly wait. Miss D and I do enjoy our leash walks around this village in darkness and solitude but there is also nothing in this world more wonderful than the sight of dogs running ... flat out ... chasing squirrels, smelling stuff, partners in crime as they race around together enjoying the wide open (and safe) space at golf course. Deb and I walk and chat and Maggy Sue & Winnie, they do their thing. It's perfect.

Sounds like a pretty good day to me.

Chowder Hour at the curling club and the Dessert Extravaganza at the senior's lodge last night were both excellent. Not particularly photogenic events, either one of them ... but delicious, no question !

holla greeting card design #2

you rock greeting card design #3


  1. Good morning, sweet Susan. Your three card designs are just adorable! I bet you're glad to mark those of your to do list, ey? Enjoy your 9:00 walk...take some pics! :)

    Much love to you and the gang!

  2. These are great!! I don't know what it is, but I'm very into owls at the moment. So I ,obviously, really like the owl illustration.

    Can I just say that when I visit your blog it is such a treat. It has this peaceful feel about it....

  3. I think the cards look great. And having submitted once, you'll find it so much easier next year... :)
    Your Friday night sounds like it was great fun. Oh, for life in a small town!

  4. Cute illustrations!

    And Congratulations! You have won our Dido giveaway! Can you shoot us an email when you have a moment?



  5. So whimsical! And your Friday evening sounds delicious.

  6. Just stopping by again...I hope you had a GREAT Saturday! :)



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