St. Anthony

Thursday, November 13, 2008

still life avec treasures

Sleepy sigh. Hhhhmmmm. Big swig of coffee with lots of milk and a tiny bit of sugar. Patchouli and citrus bubbles and scent wafting around the second floor of this old brick house - it's another early morning here at 29 Black Street.

I have lost, or misplaced not one but two favourite pairs of glasses, and not just favourite pairs but actual pairs - you know proper prescription and all. I'm a nearly needs bifocals gal and I'm very nearsighted and because of these particular eyes of mine I need to take my glasses off to do any close work and thus am taking them off and putting them down somewhere, oh - a bazillion times a day. And this is how I've lost not just one but two pairs of glasses. Currently I am wearing an old (5, 6 years maybe more) pair of wire frames that are so bent that they sit on the bridge of my nose in a tres askew fashion only further accentuating my exhisting What Not To Wear ensemble. Sigh. Yes, trendy cool designer -ish frames are on the lam somewhere, someplace in this old house.

Finding these missing eye glasses has finally given me the impetuous to clean up my messy house. Don't know if any of you saw Oprah yesterday. Peter Walsh (declutter master & guru) has a 6 month plan to help you, me ... all of us that need help to "Clean Up Your Messy House" and hopefully along the way find my most beloved glasses in the process. Says Peter "If you stick with us for six months, I guarantee that you will have a clutter-free, organized home that is the sanctuary and haven that you deserve." Here's a link to sign on to the 6 month plan. Beginning with 10 minutes a day ... now come on ... who doesn't have 10 minutes a day. Set a timer.

You know a few of the rooms in my house are quite neat, fairly organized, are painted beautiful colours and really only contain things that I love and they do feel very sanctuary-esque and oh I do so love that feeling. Who wouldn't want to feel that in every room of your home (not to mention how much better this lovely old brick house will show when she finally goes on the market next spring for I SO want her to find a new owner who will love her as much as I have). I'm planning to achieve that sanctuary, haven feeling everywhere and (a bonus) to find both pairs of missing spectacles, especially my dark brown, smaller frame eye glasses. The ones that have the snap-on sun glass frames so I'm not always squinting in glaring sunlight and therefore accelerating les wrinkling process immensely, (wink) the glasses that perch perfectly up in my hair when I take them off so there is never a need to lay them down, somewhere, someplace where they will become lost again ... or stepped on.

I've called in a little extra help from St. Anthony the Patron Saint of Lost Things.

Something's lost and can't be found
Please, St. Anthony, look around.

Here's the perfect tune to sing while you're doin' your 10 minute Trash Bag Tango - toss (or even better), recycle and donate.


  1. I really want a less messy house but 6 months seems an awfully long commitment to obtain it! I probably should just spend a couple of house tidying it up. I hope St Antony returns your glasses to you soon.

  2. Good morning, sweet Susan! I LOVEEEEEE the video. I've always liked the "I like to move it" song...and the new version is fun. The penguins and grandma are my favorite! What a great way to start my day. Thank you! :)

    PS I hope you find your stylish glasses. ;)

    Much love to you and the furry gang!

  3. I hope St. Anthony comes through for you. My mom says he helps her often.
    Oh, and have you heard? Burying a statue of St. Joseph in the yard will help you sell your house (when that time comes).

  4. Oh, I am awfully nearsighted, too. I almost always wear contacts, because one of my ears is slightly lower than the other and glasses give me that oh-so-dorky look, sitting crooked on my face. With my contacts I can see clearly a mile away, but nothing within three feet of my face. So I have to use readers. One strength for books and another for computer work. I am always losing them. I should get a St. Anthony icon!

  5. Oh yeh!! ever since the first Madagascar movie... I like to Move it to the beat.... it's great to burn off the calories while you tidy !!

    Okay...listen... you have to retrace your steps ... when was the last time you remember wearing them? What did you do? ...where did you go? ...did you leave the house wearing them? drive anywhere? ... put them down in the back of the vehicle whilst unloading something? ... out in the yard for something? ... in the porch? ... that's how I find mine.... eventually I track the little buggers them down.

  6. I'm pretty well-organized, but I know what you mean about sanctuary. My home doesn't offer much reprieve from the real world, but I think that's me, not the apartment. Your blog is one of my favorite retreats, and daydreaming about Alaska in the summertime.

  7. Put in your contract that any glasses found must be returned to previous owner of the house! :)

    I'm afraid I just lose things because I have always been absent minded. Good luck.

  8. Good evening, sweet Susan! I have introduced a new art series tonight on my blog. I would love to hear your thoughts/opinoins/ideas...since you are the QUEEN of art. (I mean that!)

    Much love!

  9. Great post, Susan, and as you can imagine it hits home for me. I think I'll get his book and see if it gives me ideas. Ha. That's me. Read about it rather than just DO it! I think I'll write about this this week two tied to my own situation. Did you really take the pledge? If you did perhaps I will too and we can compare notes and motivate one another.

    Katy stopped by to watch the Madagascar video. The version of "I Like To Move It" from the first movie is one I hear often here. It's funny, there can be two or three girls just lolling about, but start that song and they're up moving and dancing like the animals.

  10. Hmmm, I clearly didn't proof that last comment. Oh, well.

    One more idea about your glasses, and this is dorky, no doubt, but it works like nothing else. Just get one of those glasses "ropes" and keep them hanging around your neck at all times. Makes you look like a little old lady but at least you can always see! I've always got my little appendage hung around my neck.


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