unspeakable love

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

an early morning walk around our little village

There is a sacredness in tears.
They are not the mark of weakness, but of power.

They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues.
They are messengers of overwhelming grief...and unspeakable love.

Washington Irving

After more than eight straight days of uninterrupted and fairly unbridled happiness and contentment (but who's counting) Tears came back home along with Ache & Sadness. I always get lulled into thinking that this time they're gone for good.
Silly me. I don't know why I can't just learn to live with them.

It's a bit of a chicken or egg situation. I'm never sure which comes first - it's either I'm missing that dog which then makes me feel sad or maybe I'm feeling sad which of course then makes me miss that dog (Mr. big red comfort & joy). I love you Noodle and oh how we miss you (Miss D and I, and Nessie too - 'cause remember Bleet's lost his Mama).

Lots and lots of drawings on the teak topped desk, turning my crab apple syrup into ruby red jelly today, getting artwork ready to send to the printer - I'm adding 4 new illustrated prints to my etsy shop later this week and we'll be pausing at 11 am to remember all the soldiers who fought in the wars all over this world.

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  1. Susan, you know that we are here for you when you have these sad days. I hope it helps to hear from people who care about you. I know it helps me on my sad days.

  2. it does Judy ! and it does help to write about it, somehow typing my feelings each early morning with my coffee is a bit therapeutic, it's like having coffee with friends. Thank you.

  3. Susan, I'm sorry you are feeling sad today.

  4. Edward and I are thinking of you. Apple, too.

  5. You are right, we should just learn to live with the fact that the sadness and tears are going to come, and yet, they startle and surprise me every time. Especially when I feel strong and happy and then they just barge in without knocking. I'm glad you share it with us.

    The sky photos today are remarkable.


  6. That is such a fantastic quote. And I'm right there with you; everything will seem okay, happy even, and then something happens and I have to close my office door for a while.
    I don't think those unwelcome visitors will ever be gone for good, I just want them to visit less frequently.

  7. one of Mom's sayings was ::

    "a burden shared is a burden halved"

    .... not sure if it was one of her own or something she read somewhere... she was always writing little things of her own.

  8. Hang on in there!
    Im looking forward to seeing your illustrations in your shop.

  9. Tears... let em flow.
    Sad days abound here too.
    Thanks for all your kindness

  10. Hi Susan..I was thinking of you today (like always) Sounds like you are having a down day...say...I must be suffering from sympathy pains for you...I'm in a funk, too! :( I hope your day did perk up. You are a wonderful woman and friend. I appreciate you and cherish the blog friendship that we are building.

    Very much love to you and the furry buddies.

    PS I posted a new (better quality) short video of me singing. =O

  11. I "hear" you Susan. It is a bit like the chicken and egg, isn't it? Well, you know brighter days will invariably come, right?


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