Saturday, November 22, 2008

Miss Winnie Dixon

We're in the midst of our very first snow storm. Miss D and Bleet are still curled up snug in the nest, I've stoked the fires and poured my second cup of coffee and Sweet Ver, well you can guess where he is - he's here just hangin' with me at the teak topped desk, in his Buddha boy position - basking in the light of my desk lamp - oh how I love that cat.

Just checked my email and another 21 frames (yipee !) so that's 43 frames from these last two projects. Which, let me tell ya is excellenté !! 22 frames from the baby group and now another 21 (and maybe more to come) from the more decor-ish grouping (if you recall I made a request to Monsieur Universe for at least 22 frames s'il vous plait). I guess I know what I'll be doing this stormy day.

I have a few other items of like-to-do's on les agenda this weekend

St. Anthony has been whispering to me that perhaps my (3- eek!) pairs of missing eye glasses might be found in the crawlspace (s). This old house while lacking in closets like other houses of it's era, has two large crawlspaces with sweet little wooden doors. They run the entire length of my bedroom on either side and under the eaves. Fantastic and much needed storage for all those things that I, at this point in life, am remiss to part with. All the maybes and undecideds live here along with seasonal items, luggage, etc. I want to retrieve the few Christmas Holiday decorations that I have, specifically twinkling sparkling lights, wreath etc so this venture should be a good time to practice several rounds of trash bag tango and dare I hope to dream to find les missing spectacles.

make a big pot of leek & potato soup.

draw and paint 2 (well 1 for sure) Christmas card designs for my etsy shop

tidy and clean at least 1 room in this old brick house - the kitchen - it's terrible. How can it be that I am so neat and immaculate in many aspects of my life ?? - anything to do with my work I am a complete & total neat freak yet I let my home go to hell in a hand basket and let me tell ya - she's in hell. I keep hoping and dreaming that one day that other girl, the neat girl, will begin spreading her obsessive perfection into the areas of my life that involve, vacuuming and scrubbing, polishing and spitting. I need a valet or better still a team of invisible mute valet's. wink.

and of course more of .... draw, draw, draw ... frames, frames, frames.

Happy Saturday ! and Bon Voyage to MLou ! who is jetting off tomorrow with a friend for a wee NYC visit. One of my most favourite places, second only to the City of Light ... Sigh. Jealous. Two shows to see, shopping and museums and Sunday dinner reservations at Balthazar. However, she has promised to take copious notes and report every tiny detail so that I may thrill along vicariously, here from my little village by the sea.

oops and another item for la list - shovel paths in the snow


  1. Your old house looks so beautiful in the snow. It is like the best fall day here today. Glad that snowy spell passed. I am traveling Tuesday up to pick up Max and go to N. Colo for Thanksgiving so I'm asking the Universe sweetly for good roads.

    Leek and potato soup is my absolute favorite. I think I'll make it my new Christmas Eve dish this year since I'm into making all new traditions.

    Congrats on all those thumbnails getting accepted. That's great!

  2. Ooooh, did get quite a drop of the white stuff...looks beautiful as always... but, then,there is always the other bit..shovelling. I bought a new shovel last week. They only last about two years it seems. Guess the sidewalks are hard on them. Well... I do only buy the big plastic plow type... because the metal ones are too damn heavy. They are heavy just to lift...never mind when I get a huge push of snow on them.... I like light and easy to handle. I want to be able to shove or to toss with ease.....

    wow... lots of drawing to do ... good job! and hey... maybe you did leave some specs in the storage areas...probably sitting right beside something you recently went in search of .......

    have a great productive, warm and cozy day over there...our today is sunny, windy and +4C...... a bit of week old snow left on the shady parts of lawns...

  3. Your house looks like a gingerbread house decorated with white icing... very pretty! I like Miss D's soulful eyes in that photo, too.

  4. Miss Dixon looks so sweet and content, and your home looks so lovely and cozy covered in snow! First snowfalls are the best.

  5. This all sounds so cozy.
    I'm jealous of your friend's trip to NYC and her reservations at Balthazar. Lucky!

  6. Blackstreet is fabulous covered in snow! Your pic would make a lovely Christmas card.

    Leek and potato soup! OMG, that makes me hungry! I would love your recipe. :^)

  7. the snow on the trees is beautiful! i hope to see the frames one day. congrats! i'm asking mr. universe to please see that something sells out of my etsy shop one day soon. hee hee good thing i've been doing lots of commissions 'cause the shop is dead!

  8. Wow...that's alot of snow! But your house looks VERY beautiful amongst it. :) And I can't wait to see your Christmas card design! :P

    Much love to you and the furry gang! xo

  9. I was reading this and imagining the snow andyou cupping hot leek and potato soup, with thick jumper on and your companions snuggled at your feet. The only thing needed was a photo of all the snow outside adn sure enough, you delivered--marvelously at that! So beautiful. So charming. So blessed.


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