Wednesday, November 5, 2008

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I fell asleep last night not long after the polls closed - that's what happens when you're up drinking coffee at 4 (something) am in the morning. I left the radio by my bedside turned low to CBC (which beginning at 10pm was having live US election coverage). Sometime in the middle of the night I woke up, opened my eyes to the darkness and heard the words

Barack Obama is the new president of the United States of America.

I can't tell you how happy & thrilled those words made me feel and I confess to getting up at 3 something to check CNN online to see just how big a victory it actually was - a little gloating seemed to be in order. I know that many of the visitors to 29 Black Street are Americans and I know that you all are glowing with pride this morning, feeling tremendous relief, are ready for a big change and are full of hope for the future ... our future. Wow.

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  1. Susan, I was very happy and thrilled when I heard those words too. I am glad you were sharing those feelings with us! It was quite a celebration, wasn't it, out there in Grant Park and Times Square? I watched it with a happy heart.

  2. "Tonight we proved once more that the true strength of our nation comes not from the might of our arms or the scale of our wealth, but from the enduring power of our ideals: democracy, liberty, opportunity and unyielding hope."

    President-Elect, Barack Obama

    I am bursting with American pride!!! :D

  3. We stayed glued to the tv from the time the first polls closed.... and sniffled right along with the thousands of happy celebrators as we watched the tears of joy on so many faces. Jesse Jackson... quietly holding a finger to his lips..tears rolling down his cheeks...he looked almost unbelieving..... even Oprah was there with Stedman... .. and soooo many thousands of young hopefuls. What an amazing sight to see. Of course it won't change anything immediately...but perhaps even a small percentage of the so obviously divided populace will be a big thing for so many. A momentous day, not only in the U.S., but in the world...

  4. It feels like home again down here. I have felt so incredibly displaced these last eight years. Displaced and ashamed. But, this is the America I remember. Thanks for all your kind thoughts and encouraging words! Happy Day!!

  5. I am glowing with pride, yes indeed. And I'm feeling quite emotional and full of hope. Thank you for being excited for our country! Jen

  6. YES!!! (with a huge smile and fist pump)

  7. Thanks for celebrating with us in Canada.
    It is an exciting day for sure.
    The people spoke, the votes counted and it's a good day here.

  8. Yes; we did. I am busting at the seams today. Just busting!! Thank you for your beautiful post...and all the comments here are so beautiful as well. Made my day!

  9. Hello from Colorado...a newly blue state!!! I read your comment on a blog from Texas...Yikes. The comments on that blog regarding the "terror & dismay" that people are feeling is absolutely ridiculous and scary. I loved what you said and I am also filled to the brim with HOPE. I appreciate your humble excitment (if that is a term!), not boastful, but you could feel your elation...YES.WE.CAN!

  10. i have never been more proud to be an american! and, it does my heart good to have so many of our canadian friends and family not only involved but elated for us (and the world!) and as well. hope, peace,love and joy reigns!

  11. For the first time in my life in my entire life I am truly proud to be an American. I have hope.
    This is a leader.
    Thank you for your kind thoughts for us.

  12. Personally, as you know, I think Obama is too left for this country but if he governs from the centre he has all the abilities and support behind him to be a great President, but if he decides to go the way for the far left then he will bankrupt this nation further just as it has in every country its taken root.

    BUT I delight in again America showing the world what a free, democratic and just country this is. We aren't beholden to any one party as a country and we are indeed not nearly as racist as the world , particularly snobby Europeans like to portray us lot. I hope this serves as shining example that any wo/man, regardless of their race or background can overcome any obstacle, even a wild name, and rise to such great heights! It is truly wonderful. I hope and pray for the best for Obama and his lovely family.


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