une petite funk

Thursday, October 2, 2008

a beach on the North shore of Prince Edward Island

Probably my most favourite place in the world ... and maybe, dare I wish and dream, where my next home will be. I've fallen into a little funk these last few days. A funk that even my ongoing practice this week of Shallow Thinking can't seem to keep at bay. I'm trying not to analyze it too much as I'm quite determined to carry on my practice of not questioning every friggin' little emotion & feeling that I have.

But ... I think it may have something to do with my upcoming Designer Gals Scenic Food Filled Fall Road Trip to this marvelous island. I know that there is a little tiny part of me that is still absolutely thrilled and excited about tomorrow's road trip and wee vacance. Maybe thrilled and excited just feels too foreign to this little dark cloud. Perhaps I'm beginning The Worry, the long list of catastrophic things that could or may happen to Les Boys (Bleet, Oliver & Gus) in my absence, I'm leaving home and them for 2 1/2 days - anyone who's friends with Anxiety knows what I mean, perhaps I'm feeling undeserving of a holiday, or maybe I just cannot get out of my own way (after being in my one way for such a very long time), it could be hormonal, my biorhythms may be off (actually they are fine-o - I checked). Whatever... I am in a petite funk ...

I do know, thankfully, that tomorrow sometime before lunch, when the last list has the last item checked off and we (MLou & I) have piled Miss J & Miss D, les chiens, into the car and we pull away from 29 Black Street - Funk will stay behind in this old brick house, I know it won't want to come to the Island with us. And Thrilled and Excited will have piled into the back seat with the dogs.

and some political chat - can't help myself
Don't know if you knew this but we, up here in Canada, are also having a federal election (yawn), and compared to the US of A's (edge of my seat) election - ours truly pales. Tonight our leadership candidates will debate on national television - at the same time as the vice presidential debates. Wow ! my remote's previous channel button will be put to good use. I don't know about you but I'm not sure if I can even stand to watch Sarah Palin fumble and stumble on her words one more time. When glued to the Katie Couric interviews last week with the governor of Alaska I found I had to look away ... often. It's so painfully obvious that she is in WAY, WAY over her head ... I guess the very scary question is ... will that matter ?


  1. Susan, I know what you mean. I always torture myself for days before leaving on vacation, worrying about my three cats. I take care of everything I can think of, but worry about some unforeseen event that might befall them in my absence. Yet, when I come home they are always well and happy. I always think to myself that I will never leave them again. Obsessive worrying seems to be a way of life for some of us.

    Despite this, I have managed to take many wonderful vacations, and I have never regretted going. I get carried away by the beauty of the place I am visiting and am able to relax and enjoy it. I hope this will happen for you. There is nothing better than getting away to an island... I love islands. Have fun! Remember, no lists!

  2. Oh yes, and the politics thing... I always dread watching these debates. Sometimes I have to look away, too. It's been particularly difficult with Sarah Palin. It's not so much that I feel sorry for her, but that she SCARES me! There are many people here who want to vote for her despite the fact that she is in way over her head. I have people in my own family who think she is wonderful. I don't think any amount of gaffes or goofs will change their mind. EEEEEK!

  3. I always have the same trouble when I leave my home for a few days worrying about the pets. They will be just fine. I had to evacuate from Hurricane Ike with 7 animals and although dogs love to take trips, cats...not so much. Cats love to stay with the familiar.

    As far as Sarah Palin goes, I have to look away too. I hope anyone who plans on voting for her will change their mind after the debate.
    It is an embarassment to the US of A in my humble opinion.

    "friends with anxiety"...oh yeah, guilty!

  4. You'll have a wonderful time on your beloved island once you get there. I know what you mean, though. Whenever I leave I take our beta fish, Duke, over to my friend's. But Duke is kind of weird and you have to hand feed him one little fish bite at a time and push it around until he gets it right in front of his face and sees it. I think he might have poor vision. I worry that no one will have the patience to stand there for 5 or 10 minutes and make sure he eats!

  5. don't worry.... Harry will be a perfect animal sitter....I bet he even takes time to play with them...

    yeh... the cringe factor will be on high alert tonight... we'll be sweating through Palin and wondering what on earth she will manage to toss into the mix... .....even if a person thought McCain might be okay... how would she manage to perform any of the duties of VP?...the thought of her (as VP) having a philosophical discussion with ....say, Putin, is so utterly unfathomable as to be laughable.....

    yeh...our own will be boring by comparison..and simply a gang attack by all other party members attempting to poke sharp sticks in Harer's eyes... I'd like to slap some of them with their own sticks...

  6. shud read Harper....of course.... arrgghhh...

  7. Have a great time on your trip Susan!

    I'm very curious... where did you get the 5X7 cards for your photos? I was going to make some Christmas cards this year with some of my own photos but not sure where to find some quality cards. Yours look great!

  8. Have a great trip. The animals will be fine. Your country won't be if McCain is voted in,carks it, and Palin becomes President.Ye Gads!Tsunamis will have nothing on the shock waves that would reverberate around the world with that one.Guess its not for me to comment on another country's politics but there's always fall-out from an epicentre.Have fun and take lots of pics.

  9. Sorry -not your country Susan, the United States I mean. I think I'm still suffering a cyber hang-over from the party at Willow's Manor!!

  10. Good evening, Susan. I have missed you these last few days. It's been crazy here! I wish you the most WONDERFUL trip to THE beautiful island. :) You DO deserve it. And who knows....you might come back inspired with new art ideas after taking time to take care of yourself!!

    Much love you!! xo Hugs to the furry friends. :)

  11. PEI sounds lovely at this time of year! No tourists and you and the dogs will have the island to yourselves.Kitties will enjoy the vacation too.
    As for the election, being a fellow Canuck I get a chuckle over the whole fiasco both here and next door.Who would want the damn job anyways!!

  12. Oh, I'm always nutty before leaving town. Those feelings seem to magically disappear when the plane takes off, however. I'm sure the same will happen to you. The cats will be fine, and the dog is going!

    As for the VP debate, it is going on at this very moment and you can see I'm not watching. This whole McCain/Palin thing is so upsetting to me, I just have to limit my exposure. I can only hope American voters are wiser than they have been the last 8 dreadful years.

    Will you be posting from PEI??

  13. Susan, if you watch the unedited interviews with Palin you will see just how the media spins things. Believe me, she does fine but when you accentuate all the negatives and diminish the positives anyone is going to look bad. I will have to say it but I really admire her and think she is a very strong woman. I guess I'm one of your few conservative visitors! What scares me is how Biden says FDR as Prez talked to American on TV in 1929 when there was no TV and FDR wasn't even prez! Typical gaffe from him but man, if Palin siad it you'd never ehar the end of it. It;s all spin.

    "Probably my most favourite place in the world ... and maybe, dare I wish and dream, where my next home will be. "
    --Wow. That would be awesome. I'm sure we'd all love to see your relfections from tehre too.


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