Saturday, October 25, 2008

Winnie Dixon posing for me last night at the crescent beach

Last night was an absolutely glorious evening. Miss D and I enjoyed an extra long walk along the harbour's edge and down onto the crescent beach. It was as warm as summer, the flags on flag poles hung limp, not a breath of wind and the light had that amazing warm glow of the setting sun. I took lots more pictures but they'll have to wait.

I've begun the dreaded (past tense) 12 page newsletter project - much like a giant jigsaw puzzle - pages of text and charts, photos and bylines, blurbs and bits that must be magically fit together in a sensible and aesthetically pleasing fashion. I used to work at a magazine so I do have that layout thing going for me but I always have to find that groove again. It's a lot different from drawing little thumbnails on tracing paper. Yesterday morning I thoroughly tidied up my little studio/office vacuumed and mopped, dusted and filed and that felt SO good (phew), had lunch out with a girlfriend and then as soon as I was home again I began the newsletter project ... and happily found the groove.

Today is forecast to be another spectacular fall day. So since the groove has arrived and it's not going anywhere I've decided to spend a good part of today working outside doing the yard and garden tidying that so desperately needs doing, (tomorrow's forecast is for rain so I'll throw myself into the newsletter groove then). Today I will spring La Beast Rouge from her tidy shed for one last spin around, I'll clip and mow, I'll rake a bit and empty pots of annuals, I'll sweep the walkway and the front porch, while basking in sunlight and smelling that amazing smell of fall air, is there anything better than the smell of fall leaves? Early this morning, before our walk I'll make myself an egg salad sandwich, wrap it up in waxpaper and today I'll have my lunch outside.


the path along the harbour's edge ... two minutes from our front door


  1. Oh this last pic is gorgeous! The rain just left us and I'm sure is headed your direction. Have a happy outside day before it hits!

  2. Two minutes from your front door? Wow.

  3. Susan, that view is gorgeous. I echo what Pam said...two minutes from your front door?

  4. Good morning, beautiful Susan! :)

    What cheery and gorgeous pictures! I can't wait to see the other ones you took. And isn't it wonderful to find your "groove"? I found mine, too! My writing is booming out on paper and I've been inspired within my drawings again, too.

    I wish you the most beautiful fall day outside.

    Much love to you and the furry friends. :)

  5. It's true. It might not even be two whole minutes. I have a perfect view of our harbour from my second floor windows. 29 Black is one house inland from the harbour and this park. Why would I ever want to sell this house you may ask ? why would I want to move from this heavenly place. I just can no longer afford to live in a such a big ol' fixer upper. And it totally overwhelms me ... with all it's upkeep and maintenance - not to mention the gigantic double lot complete with it's own petite forest. My one income can't keep swingin' it.

    That's said you can be sure that Miss D and I are enjoying every evening stroll along this path while we do still live in this heavenly place. And I've had the pleasure of living here for 15 years. Happy Saturday all.

  6. I have been peeking in on your posts all week, waiting for a stretch of time on Saturday morning to write. What lovely photos of Miss W. She looks so very content.
    I must ask you, why are you selling the red brick cottage?
    This is a beautiful to the eye, interesting to read, blog. I will be back!

  7. Perfect indeed. That Winnie has the most soulful face, Susan. I would be so tempted to ask her advice on any problem I had!

    Have a lovely Saturday!

  8. Just to let you know... there is something else that is perfect, too. Your photo art greeting cards that arrived in the mail, of course. You did a beautiful job. I knew the minute I saw the package that it was your work... every last detail is first-class.

  9. Duh! If I had read the post before mine, I would have seen the reason for selling your lovely home. I am so sorry. I can certainly understand the need to downsize, and I am looking towards the day just down the road.

  10. Judy I'm SO glad that you're pleased with your new photo prints ...and perfect is "always" what I'm aiming for.

    And hello qugrainne, thanks for stopping by and yes I'm on the look out for a teeny tiny new life.

  11. Gorgeous light and a gorgeous location. It looks just divine. I feel like I am there, that picture recalls to my memory every perfectly lazy summers day ever.

  12. Yes, these images are love in a perfectly magical spot. BUT! When I saw the title of *perfect*, and I saw WD...I actually smiled and thought, "YES! She IS perfect!"

    For you to have this view so close to your door is a gift!



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