Wednesday, September 24, 2008

oh so handsome, extra soft, sweetest cat and loyal design assistant - Oliver

just a few inspiring blogs that I love

little red caboose lovely photography & crafty gal
little star soup bold colour & whimsical illustrations
the black apple etsy maven & oh so prolific artist/designer gal
one black bird gorgeous ceramics
charming wall inspiring art & amazing typography & animation
linzie hunter sigh, way cool illustration & hand drawn type - she's my hero
the noticing project more amazing photography
uppercase all kinds of cool design-ey stuff
color stripes great photos, design & colour
designer jots wow, another hero & current blog of the week
heather smith jones more lovely art, photography and oh so fantastic links
blog delanine beautiful, beautiful paintings

blogs that make me feel twitchy and excited, blogs that that make me want to draw, paint, cut, paste, take photos ... that make me want to just ... create.

My fingers and hands feel icy cold as I sit this morning at the teak topped desk ... not a good sign I fear. Here's to a swell Wednesday.


  1. Good morning, Susan!! You are in my thoughts and I'm wishing you the most beautiful day you could EVER imagine!

    Much love to you and the furries! :)

  2. I smiled when you used the word swell. I have been thinking of writing a blog post about cool words that we don't use much anymore and "swell" is one of them. I love words in general and that one is a particular favorite. I use it purposefully when I talk to help keep it in circulation! "Swanky" is a great word too.

    The blogs look enticing. I'm going to start clicking through your list. I love art blogs.

    Have a lovely fall day today as you cut, paste, draw and paint!

  3. hope cold fingers are not the sign of a cold coming on...

    awwww how I love Oliver.... so like my cat I used to have when I was a kid.... as I've said many times I am sure...hahahha...

    say, Susan, .... does your bread have a pretty tough to cut bottom crust? ... I don't think I will leave it in the oven as long next oven keeps perfect temperature.... and for sure will keep closer track of the amount of flour.. it is a finer texture, too, than I thought it would be ..maybe I played with it more than I should have. Gentle moving of dough for larger airy spaces in the finished product...

  4. Yes Vee it does have quite a tough crust but I find once kept in a plastic bag overnight it does become much easier to cut. I tend to let my dough rise many times, start it early in the day and just punch it down a few times. And the secret is to keep the dough very soft and squishy - not too much kneading. It makes delicious garlic toast ... yum.

  5. okay...thanks for the hints... will do.

    Pics now up at my blog for your inspection my Chef and fearless leader..... ...It is very tasty toasted too, might I add!!

  6. Oliver is beautiful! I'm looking forward to browsing through your links. Swell is something that never caught on here in Australia, but I still occasionally exclaim "far out!" which my 24 year old daughter thinks is absolutely hysterical.I think the late Steve Irwin resurrected the word "crikey" from heading into near oblivion in Australia to something almost uniquely his. Much love to you and the gang today Susan, and happy creativity.

  7. Oliver looks like he's posing for you! He's so dignified!

  8. Gosh, what a pretty cat with a soulful face and lovely white perfect feet.

    Thanks for all the new sites to visit! best to you as always!

  9. Oliver looks so sweet and photogenic, as usual. Thank you for your comment dear Susan. I'm not sure when I'll be back in sunny SD, but I'm getting through. I have a lot to deal with right now, and it's nice to know that I'm missed. :) Much love to you and the furry family.


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