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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lulu Belle - she has such beautiful eyes and regal fur coat - so fitting for a Queen

This photo was taken last summer out in the back yard, out in her vast Queendom. The house feels completely weird without her this morning.

She and I had a lovely few hours yesterday morning. I bundled her up in a soft fleecy throw and she and I walked outside around the yard and garden and sat for awhile in a chair under the crab apple tree and watched the birds at the feeder. Yesterday was another of those absolutely perfect fall days, nothing but blue, blue sky and warm breezes. When we arrived at the vet's we had to wait for about 30 minutes, which ended up being absolutely perfect. She and I sat in the back seat of my car, with the windows rolled down, she cozy and snug curled up in her soft fleecy blanket, with the sun and the breeze and two eagles soaring in giant circles above us. And we reminisced, she and I, over our many, many years together.

Dean & I brought her home from the Toronto Humane Society, one Saturday afternoon, to our apartment in Parkdale . I think it was 1991 and she was 6 months old when we adopted her. We had chosen the name Lola but in short time decided that Lulu was somehow more fitting. Less than a week later Dean brought Ernst home (stray tabby kitten someone had brought into his workplace). As soon as tiny Ernst walked in the door Lulu became the Queen, he became the first of her many loyal feline, then canine, subjects. She was very demanding, and her most famous nickname was squawkamolé for her penchant to yell-meow as if maybe you were hard of hearing or didn't see her. Meow's came out of her with a grating loud forceful squawk - always.

She was loud and she was bossy and she was also very loving, extremely affectionate and always gentle. In her day an avid and skilled huntress and fierce, alert defender of these lands and territories here at 29 Black Street. She loved attention and loved to be picked up, she would burrow her little head in the crook of your arm and curl up and purr there ... endlessly. She slept on my bed, up high on a pile of pillows so perfect for a Queen, every night of her life until these last few weeks when she often found it too difficult to climb the stairs.

These last few days as soon as my slippered feet would hit the dark kitchen floor each early morning she would sit up on her puffy bed and yell good morning to me and I would try to concoct some delicacy that would appeal to her fading appetite - salmon & cream or flakes of chicken and broth maybe. When I'd go downstairs to get my second cup of coffee and after she's had a few nibbles of breakfast I'd bring her upstairs with me and she'd lie on a big pillow on the floor by the tub and keep me company while I had my bath.

She was a great cat. I'm thankful to have shared so many years of my life with her.


  1. Goodbye lovely Lulu. I shall miss you. The last of the old guard at Black Street, you were a "come from away" Toronto cat. (That must have been where you got that big city attitude.) I'll miss all those demanding squawks which sent susan digging for a new cans of food to satisfy you with. I don't know what the future will bring but I will be surprised if there is another Lulu belle. She was one of a kind.

    xoxo Mlou

  2. Those are lovely thoughts and memories of Lulu - the Queen. We are thinking of you. Love Joni

  3. Lovely tribute to Lulu, Susan. The second photo of her in the clover is so good! I'm thinking of you today. :)

  4. She was a beautiful cat and this is a lovely,poignant obituary. It never ceases to amaze me that we are allowed to share our lives with these amazing creatures in such intimate ways. You were blessed to have her, and she to have you.

    I am thinking of you.

  5. The Queen.... she of the lovely, serene face..... surveying her domain.
    I love you Lulu and I only know you from afar...but I feel as though I have known you personally and for years....... goodbye little lady.

    hugs, Veronica

  6. Such a beautiful cat and such a beautiful story. I feel almost like I knew her, thanks to your descriptions of her personality. I know she will be missed. I know you will cherish your memories of life with her.

  7. So sweet and so lovely. Glad you had so many happy years with her. Warm thoughts and much love, J.

  8. Wonderful memories of Lulu. My heart goes out to you. **hugs**

  9. Oh, Lulu. What a lovely tribute to your beautiful gal, Susan. I'm thinking of you.

  10. Sorry to read about Lulu.
    Your remembrance of her reminds me of my Granddame Freckle she too was bossy and did not tolerate fools. She ruled the house with an iron paw and I was the only human she would allow to touch her. She loved to sit beside me and hold my arm with both paws while I read or watched TV.

    Our companion pets give us unconditional love, joy, and comfort during their short lives it is no wonder our hearts break when they leave us.

  11. I am so sorry I have not been able to visit everyone as I should of late. I knew that she was ill of course and that the end was near but I should have been here before now. This was such a lovely and moving tribute to a precious friend. She was so beautiful and so loved.

    I will be thinking about sweet Lulu Bells and of you dear Susan.


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