la queen of all things

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

our harbour at dusk

I will grow. I will become something new and grand,
but no grander than I now am.
Just as the sky will be different in a few hours,
its present perfection and completeness is not deficient,
so am I presently perfect and not deficient
because I will be different tomorrow.
I will grow and I am not deficient.

Wayne Dyer via MLou

Lulu's holding her own, I've made an apt. for later this week, that appointment. But I'm thinking it may be canceled. We're taking things day by day and yesterday she had a pretty good day. She, La Queen of All Things, appreciates very much all of the kind comments sent her way yesterday by all of you. She really is some kinda cat. She's a very strong, (both willed and physically) old girl. Determined and stubborn and I'm thinking she's got a bit of life left in her yet. Yesterday was was one of those most perfect early September days. Blue sky with gigantic puffy clouds like giant weird space ships hovering low on the horizon. The light golden, that perfect beginning of Autumn light and the breeze in the air was warm and gentle, just enough to rustle the leaves on the trees and Miss Lulu spent the day outside basking in big patches of sunlight and enjoying her vast Queendom.

I'm off to land of bubbles and scent ... and here's to a happy Tuesday.

6:50 - apr├ęs bubbles & scent. Miss Lulu decided to come upstairs this morning and keep me company while I had my bath. She hasn't done that in awhile. She curled up on a pile of bath sheets beside me and she purred and sqwawked (her new gentler squawk) at me a few times as if to remind me let's not rush things along ... your wish, happily, is my command Miss Lulu La Queen of Black Street.


  1. Good for la queen. It sounds like she wants to stay with you for a while longer. May she enjoy her queendom today.
    Your photos today are so beautiful.

  2. Love Wayne Dyer!

    Sad to hear about LuLu, but nice to know she is still having some good days at 29.

  3. Go Lulu!!!

    Susan, these dusky photos are just beautiful. You use a more complicated camera that just a point and shoot, don't you?

  4. Thanks for the photo compliments. I use this camera (copyand paste)

    it was pricey but has been worth it's weight in gold "and" it has many bells and whistles that I still don't even no how to use.

    A favourite function is Supermacro - I can clearly take a photo of something 1.5 inches away from me. Love that feature. I could also treat it like an old fashioned 35mm camera adjusting aperture, shutter speed etc...

  5. It sounds like Lulu will let you know her wishes. I know you will enjoy these days with her.

    Such exquisite pictures of the sunset. Ours are always tree-obscured. Lucky girl.

  6. Beautiful pics Susan, I am wishing I was there in the home of my heart. Sounds like Lulu is being a real trooper with lots of spunk left in her. Enjoy your time with her! big hug from Joni and the brood.


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