some things

Thursday, September 25, 2008

more seaside treasures

lemon, orange & patchouli bubbles a pouring
a second cup of coffee in my fat favourite Starbuck's mug
the new issue of Domino magazine ... sigh
10C on the outdoor thermometer
sharing my bed through the night with assorted furry bodies
darkness outside as if it were still the middle of the night
bags of pears, plums & apples from BFF Harry's petite orchard
maybe I'll make some chili sauce courtesy of Austen @ Stripey Pebble
feeling more optimistic and hopeful than I've felt in ages

I will sell this house ...
I will be free of all this overwhelming upkeep, maintenance and debt.
I will have a brand new tiny life with an oh so giant heart ... sigh.
I will be queen of my own little creative empire.

good things come ... to those who believe.


  1. I love these little bits of things you find on the shore!! They are so intriguing. Especially the pieces of china. Don't you wonder what stories are behind them?

    Glad you are feeling up today! :)

  2. Lovely, happy thoughts today. I am so happy that I have my own little cache of sea treasures, thanks to you!

  3. I love the way you sound today. Happily, I am feeling the same. Do you think it is something in the air! You are right about "good things come to those who believe". I believe that with all my heart.

  4. What a lovely morning you describe. And what an interesting still life of beachy things. Curious...what are the mousey, batty looking creatures?

    Edward sends his best to Winnie...and says he's oh so happy that the cooler weather is upon him! He smiles all day!

  5. Hello Pamela & Edward, the batty looking things are small shark or dogfish egg cases. Also known as Mermaid's Purses ... I especially love finding them. I could have very easily been a zoologist or something like that ... creatures fascinate me.
    Miss D sends her best to you, Edward & Apple.

  6. "intriguing" is indeed the word here. I cam e her today as I've been down and needed a place of sensitivity and creative reflection from someone who's been in similar ruts. You again came through.


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