a lull in September

Thursday, September 11, 2008

hey there's Baby Duke & Carol and stormy churned up seas

The most beautiful perfect light, and my favourite, is the orange warm glow of sunrise. The light that makes golden and red dogs glisten like gems on the beach and of course black dogs look beautiful too. Wink.

Yesterday the sky and light on our morning walk (twirl, romp, spin, roll, gnash) was stunning. Big brooding ever changing clouds and warm golden early morning sunlight - the most perfect combination. Thank goodness I took my camera. The secret to having great pictures is to always have your camera with you because as you know the Murphy's law of life is if you don't have it ... you will be sorry. Busy (just steady busy, not mad crazy busy) this week. More thumbnails for customer No. Uno, still plugging away at the great arrow deadline (which is Monday) and basically ignoring all things domestic (which believe me is nothing new - oh how I long for a full time housekeeper or a house the size of a small trailer). Sigh. It's been beautiful sunshiny September weather, warm and breezy and perfect for hanging sheets and pillowcases outside. Ache and Sadness have gone to the Island for an off season mini holiday and have left Winn and I to fend for ourselves ... and we're not sure when they're coming back. It's been a very quiet week, one of those medium kind of weeks ... I've let my guard down, perhaps that's the secret. It's been a definite lull in the ups and downs that often are life here at 29 Black Street.


  1. I am awfully glad your frequent companions have taken off to the island. That's ever such good news. How I envy you those early morning walks by the sea. Or anytime walks by the sea. Now I could take early morning walks up here, but dang, those mountain lions like to move around and feed early and I'll admit, with many more sightings this year, including my own, I get a little squeamish in the early morning and around sundown. They probably wouldn't seek a walker out, but if the hapless walker accidentally startled that lion, then the lion might prove to be an opportunist!

    Winnie and Baby Duke are having so much fun. I just love that She has a friend to play with.

  2. Those sea photos look like paintings. The way the water meets the sky reminds me of some of Winslow Homer's work. Just beautiful.

    Isn't it fun watching the kids play!

  3. Another beautiful morning. I read what you write, close my eyes and imagine myself there...barefoot, running in the sand. I know we're far apart, but I cherish every post you write because it lifts my heart and spirits every day.

    Much love,

  4. Glad to hear your two visitors have decided to give you a break! The browns of your beach paired with the grey skies are always so amazing.

  5. Such beautiful photos. I love the crashing waves and the warm, gorgeous light. Duke and Winn are so cute! And it's good that your constant companions are gone for a while.

  6. Thanks, Susan! :) I was trying make my page a bit more clean and professional...since it is tied to my Etsy shop.

  7. My gosh those seas look stormy!
    I wonder if it's anything to do with the coming full moon on Monday!?

  8. good for you, susan! the sea is so gorgeous when it's all dark, stormy and turbulent.


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