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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bunny Dressing - Michael Sowa

It's Raining HandyMen! Hallelujah! - It's Raining HandyMen! Amen!
sing along girls ...

and it's also just plain raining this early morning, more hard, steady, straight down, pouring rain. And later in the day more heavy rain in the forecast combined with the leftover high winds of hurricane Hannah. Yesterday around lunchtime, as I stood in the kitchen shelling peas and trimming yellow and green beans, a gigantic Dodge Ram black pick up truck pulled up in front of my house. I knew in instant it was Carl (avec young son in law) Yeah ! - dependable, reasonable, can-do-anything and will-do-anything, no job too small, no job too difficult, perfectionist and of course a man extremely difficult to pin down as you can imagine - the handiest of handymen is tres busy.

First on les agenda my leaking sun porch roof - and especially with more rain and Hannah bearing down on us. Pas problem, with extension ladder and bucket o' tar in hand they were up on the roof like the roof top sprites they are known to be. Roofing is Carl's main side line. He also has a full time job. He's just one of those hard workin' guys, you know that rare and endangered species that can't relax and can only complete a job in the most perfect of manners. Hallelujah! My roof is now newly patched with blobs of tar so Hannah and all her potential fury will not and cannot bring me down. I will now enjoy her wrath in between hoping and praying that one of my gigantic trees doesn't come crashing down on us. But mostly, trust me, I will enjoy Hannah. Remember I myself am a dark and stormy cloud.

Then we (Carl, son-in-law and me) strolled on into les overgrown jungle. You see my problem is and has been (for 15 years) I don't like to kill anything. When I plant seeds - I have a hard time thinning them - I kid you not. I have trees growing everywhere in my yard. Trees growing where trees should never be. I have a grape like vine covering half of my roof. I have just let this big property go ... just be ... nature I said ... be whatever it is you want to be. I now totally see the err of my ways. It's become a wild and very tangled mess. One that now requires men with machines and that burning pioneer like, male desire to clear land. And I've found them. Hallelujah! There was lots of talk of small tractors and dozers and pushing and moving. More chat of chainsaws and chippers and chopping. Are you sure you want to keep that large lilac bush? asks Carl Hmm mmm, sure do ! I nod. He tells me proudly that he has 12 acres and not one tree and I reply Baby steps ... please. I could see the glint in Carl's eye (you gotta love a glint) as he pictured what my yard, or this first section, would look like when he was done with it. So ... the day's, this fall, that it's too wet for roof top sprites to be roofing ... they'll be in my yard clearing. One section at a time.

I gotta get my etsy shop up and running - gotta pay for those darn dozers and dozers don't come cheap.

I pray that the dog who lives in the far way land is cozy and dry this very wet and rainy morning. No sounds, no barking and no crying, do I hear from across our harbour.

I'm in love with this painting. It was very difficult to find much info on Michael Sowa (b 1945). He has illustrated many books and thankfully poster size prints of his work and specifically this magical painting are available here.

detail - sigh ! how beautiful is this


  1. I am so glad you have a Carl... wish we had one here.
    Enjoy Hannah!

  2. I do not understand your glee in Hanna's (no H ) arrival. Have not the local farmers suffered enough? What about those who live in the low lands? I could go on ...
    While I disagree with you about Hanna (no H) I will rejoice in your finding a handyperson.

  3. No tropical storms here but it's still grey and damp. Last week was the hottest/driest we've had all summer (a bit late) and I'm actually glad to see it overcast. I do miss the excitement of going out to buy new batteries for the radio and stocking up on "emergency chocolate," though!

  4. The word "glee" (not one I used) may be a tad strong Paula. My feeling is - if we are going to have a storm anyway I will enjoy it. I will fill up my water bottles and get out the candles and matches. I may even go down to the edge of the harbour in the midst, Miss Dixon in tow, to watch waves crash up along the gravel path. I will marvel at Mother Nature (and hopefully from a safe and dry place) and ... I certainly would not wish for a hurricane nor would I wish for continued torrential downpours. And I would not wish for "anyone" to suffer.

  5. Hey Paula, lighten up. Susan said she would enjoy the "leftovers" of Hannah, not the full-blown storm. And I know there is no "h"; I was being polite to our host.

  6. You know I'm thinking I prefer Hannah spelled with two H's ... this from the girl who's cat is named Bleet (not Bleat) and Holy cow is it raining here - endless sheets of rain. Noon. Over and out. S.

  7. I knew he was out there just had to persevere and find him. They are out there all over the is a matter of ferreting them out; getting a good relationship going with them...and absolutely keeping track of them ...forever!! My yard man is over 70 years old now and doesn't climb trees anymore..but.....he has trained a couple to take his place. John's phone number is one that I will never lose.

    It was pouring straight down on Friday afternoon.... straight down on our heads by about the 6th hole of 18 ... needless to say we were so wet and cold by the 9th...we could not continue. Came home to sit by the fireplace and drink hot "toddies" ... Damn!!

  8. I was about to write the exact same first line, Judy. My goodness.

    Susan, Woo Hoo!!! So happy you've found the guys. Wait till they get a grip on that yard of yours. I have felt more in control of everything in my life since my guy mowed my pastures and whacked around my house. Order = Serenity. (And remember the occasional treats.)

    That painting is beautiful. I am going to look at the site you mentioned to see more. I will have to write you for a tip on putting something like that on my blog. Do you save to your desktop then enter it through the blog function? Don't answer here. I'll try that first!

    Happy Day....ENJOY the gloomy, sopping HannaH leftovers.

  9. Happy, handyman day! Let the storm come!

    I too love the Sowa painting. You know, that's from a wonderful book that I just happen to have in my library. It's called Esterhazy, and it's all about this bewildered rabbit. Lovely.

    Enjoy the rain, and hearty hellos from myself and Edward to both you and Winnie.

  10. Hi Susan, Are you familiar with a blog called "sarah and the goon squad"?
    She has a post about how "hannah" should be spelled with an "h", too.

  11. Good that you have found some help with your big old place. I essentially grew up in the wilderness, so well-groomed acres are pleasing to me. I appreciate wildness, but heavy vines and heavy boughs can cause roofs to collapse, and we all know how things can get lost in the long grass and brambles. :)

  12. I adore Michael Sowa and have a book of his paintings called "Sowa's Ark". They are so delightful!!

    Enjoy your rain. We got some much needed drops, too.


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