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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Miss D. lost in an overgrown pasture

Well... today is a day to just keep on keepin' on. A list of to do's and must do's as long as can be. A list of want to's and like to's always much longer still. Maybe I'll make two columns and alternately choose an item from the good list and the bad list. Yeah right. Some good news is I may have found the elusive and endangered (in these parts) handiest of men. Gerard - a friend of my friend Carol's. Why didn't she think of him before this? I'm not sure but I guess it doesn't matter does it ... she's called him and explained my poor pitiful situation and I'm to call him the first of the week to arrange our first rendevous. He has a chain saw and a pick up truck - be still my beating heart. Fingers crossed yet again.

This morning I can hear, way off in the distance, across the harbour in the far away lands where animals are commonly mistreated, the mournful cries and sorrowful whines of a dog. Perhaps it's the same dog who I often hear barking at 4am and 5 am. A dog who likely lives his entire existence outside chained to a tree. Who probably never comes inside, never lies curled up by the fire and never has the back of his or her ears scratched. This is the first time that I've heard this dog crying and it's breaking my heart.

Surely someone who lives near this dog will help. How you could listen to that crying and not do something is totally beyond me. The way sound carries I really have no idea how far away or where exactly this cry is coming from. Winnie & will say a little prayer that someone will help. Please God could you help this poor dog.

Kittens Gussie Gus and Oliver are peeling around downstairs doing their we're up, we've had a bite to eat, let's go - kitten stuff. Runnin' and slammin' and bumpin' and thumpin'. I'm back off to the nest with a second cup of coffee to make my 2 column list.

oh there she is with her bright red kerchief


  1. I do love that photo of Winnie in the green grass with her red kerchief! Have to confess, I couldn't finish the paragraph about the mistreated dog. Too painful. Is there a humane society around to report this?

    Congratulations on the location of the chain saw owning, pick up driving man! That is a marvelous combo!

    Love to you, Winnie and the felines!

  2. Good morning Pamela & Edward, We do have a humane society rep in this area, my complaint is still too vague at this point. "I heard a dog crying somewhere over there ..." and honestly the laws are still so weak that as long as a chained dog has some form of shelter and water there isn't anything that they can do but to keep an eye on the situation. If I knew where to look I would have no problem investigating myself and I do occasionally drive around trying to find the location of a sad and barking dog and have found myself pounding on a few doors saying "Hello, I think your dog would like to come in". How these idiots can listen to their own dog whine and bark and plead for some attention ... it makes me sick to my stomach.

    Fingers are crossed that Mr. Chain Saw with a Pick Up Truck turns out to be a keeper.

    Miss D is sleeping soundly after an exhausting play session this morning at the beach with her sweet beau Baby Duke. xo, S.

  3. I also find it painful to hear or read anything about a dog (or any animal) being mistreated. How do people not understand this? It's good that there is someone like you in the area to try to do something. I'm sorry you have to think about it. It would bother me every day.

  4. How thrilling to be meeting Gerard. When he begins work for you, you might consider plying him with food. Just pretend like you were "just whipping up these incredible muffins, cookies, etc. and thought you might like one". My secret weapon is cornbread. Where I used to live, I used muffins. I made a cornmeal, blueberry, pecan muffin that those guys loved! Everybody gives them money...but they'll remember a little something served up with the money!

    Now be careful when you are knocking on those doors there are some bad folks out there in the world. But I know exactly how you feel. Up here in the mountains the laws are loose also and certainly do not favor the animals. Last year on a country drive I discovered four beagles caged in a tiny makeshift pen on a deserted lot with empty water bowls, surrounded in filth and with no protection from the intense Colorado sun. After we got out and got water into the bowls and petted the poor pups awhile, I went on a mission to get help for them. To no avail. There wasn't anyone to even call except the Sherrif's office. The woman on the phone told me I was not the first caller about those dogs.But had I rescued them myself, I would have been arrested for theft. There is no animal rights organization here and no official willing to nose into someone's business. Frustrating and heartbreaking as you know. Katy and I have a fantsy about being "animal avengers". We zip in to the abusive situation, remove the animal (usually a dog or a horse) and fly him to a new and wonderful home with good people then punish the abuser. We put him into the same exact situation as he provided for the animal. Indefinitely. It's kind of a dark game, but I want her to feel fierce passion about the issue.

    Love the picture of little Winnie.

  5. I can sympathize with your story. There is a house, down a few from us, that have multiple dogs, and they are never kind to them. If people don't want dogs or care to take the time to care for them, they need not get one. :(

  6. Rock on I say, to the AA's of this world. Animal Avengers (with a wink to Anya & Katy). Helping one animal is making a difference, and changing one cruel (often out of simple ignorance - like the assumption that a dog would rather be outside all the time) human's thinking also makes a difference.


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