Monday, September 15, 2008

broken paw - Michael Sowa

It's very windy this morning. Warm wind and with all the windows open it's windy in this old brick house house which is lovely. Leaves rustling and branches whipping back and forth the only sounds this morning.

I do feel like I'm on one of those rare creative highs ... the kind you get when you're very satisfied and happy with your efforts and I am. You get that feeling, that flow feeling, where you can't wait to be back at your teak topped desk, drawing and painting. Time flies by. Nothing else really matters. This is why I need, I must, live in a tiny house and have a very tiny life ... so I can let all this creative energy blossom and not be so bogged down with mowing and clipping and trimming and painting (walls, baseboards and molding). I have 5 card designs ready to send and I'll spend until early evening today getting as many other designs painted as I can (I'm hoping for at least another 5 or 6). The thing that I'm most pleased with is I have nearly perfected a style. A style that not only am I happy with but one that's also quick and easy - it's not a labour intensive style (which my past efforts always have been). The drag about a style that's labour intensive is - if you're not happy with the end results you've spent so much time. This new style, if I'm not happy with the colour palette or some other detail I can just quickly do another. Happy Sigh. It's quick, sketchy, loose, much more sophisticated (I hope) and more quirky than cute. You know how I do fancy myself a quirky dark cloud. Wink. I promise this week to post an illustration showing this new style and you can share with me your thoughts and critique's.

Another beautiful painting by Michael Sowa famous for his children's book illustrations.

Among many things in my life, at the moment, I am most grateful for my friend MLou who has kept me afloat day after day, kept me from drowning in badness. Merci mon ami.

I've also been thinking about Mary D in Texas. Hoping she and her family are safe and sound and dry.


  1. Sounds like you are going to have a grand day of creativity! Good for you. Much success on your submissions.hugs Joni

  2. Good morning, Susan! :) I wish you the best on your card submissions. Your work is beautiful and unique...I'm confident you will have great success.

    Hugs to you and your adorable furry friends! Much love!

  3. Your tone today is just thrilling, Susan. You sound like you're just buzzing. I can't wait to see the new style you've developed.

  4. You know how much I love Sowa! Can't wait to see your perfected style!!! :^)


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