Wednesday, September 3, 2008

'tis the season

I so wanted to post another illustration this morning . I've become addicted to sketching and painting and it's all I want to do ... and I do mean ALL I want to do. I have been working at the teak topped desk on groovy greeting card designs to submit to greatarrow - deadline Sept 15th.

Yesterday under duress I sprung La Beast Rouge from her newly clean and tidy shed, because we were having a nice sunny day, a break in the clouds and showers and because the grass in the dog yard (the fenced in area that no none uses anymore) was becoming blade-clogging long. She, La Beast Rouge, has been acting up lately, I have discovered that she must sun herself for a minimum of 30 minutes once released from her shed before she is up for doing any mowing. So now I top up her gas with Premium Super Plus Gold, wheel her into a big patch of sunlight and tell her I'll be back in awhile. I have a fickle lawn mower ... par for my course.

I went for two walks at the beach with my girl Winnie Dixon, both times we met up with Carol and Baby Duke so there was much spinning and twirling and gnashing and snorting ... that Miss D - she's in love with Baby Duke. Smile. Then Laundry, Drawing, Walking, Drawing, Cruising Design Sites (a particular favourite of mine is Design Sponge- honestly I feel my pulse quicken when I'm on this site for any length of time- SO much inspiration, SO many very cool things, SO many talented people and most who have blogs that must be visited, also Poppytalk the Canadian version and another in my top 5). Cooking, Mowing, Sighing, Folding, Whining (only to myself that there are too many things to be done in a day), Drawing, Playing with Kittens Gussie & Oliver, Smiling, Laughing, Drawing, Photo Taking, Eating (fresh local corn on the cob with butter, salt & pepper). Reading, Patting, Loving, Sleeping.

Rinse & Repeat.

and ... oh my goodness. This sweet video link courtesy of Anya titled First Crush.


  1. Sounds like a perfect day, except for the yard work thing, of course.
    All my favorite things, and corn! Late summer corn...the best!

  2. Thanks to you I have visited design sponge several times and it is a fun place to go to see the work of new people and sometimes there is something extra special there. Did you happen to read her blog when she had Julia Pott's little film "First Crush" on? If you didn't see it, Susan, you must find it. It is wonderful. I don't know how many times I've watched it. (I have a secret desire to talk like the British people doing the voices). Here is the may not actually be a link.

  3. Hi Susan,
    You sound happy and content today. Baby Duke and Winnie Dixon sound so funny together.
    I love Neil Young! I saw him on Charlie Rose recently... very interesting guy.
    I started my own blog yesterday, it's called "Everyday is a Gift" and it's at
    You are welcome to visit any time!

  4. Oh Susan,
    the little "Crush" video was absolutely darling. It made me laugh out loud and parts of it gave me a lump in my throat as well.
    Oh the stories I could tell of my own crushes and the disappointing blows they dealt me. They are funny to me now of course, but at the time they were so serious.
    Thanks for sharing this little video. The moving illustrations we're so sweet.


  5. Sounds like a full, busy, happy day. Late summer sweet corn grilled on the barbeque is the BEST.


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