another monday morn

Monday, September 29, 2008

tomatoes ripening in the sunporch

Kyle was much gentler then expected. So far this morning it's sounding like everyone is safe and sound. The south west tip of this province was expected to receive the brunt of the storm - Yarmouth & Digby as Kyle's route was along the Eastern seaboard and then up and into the Bay of Fundy. It's windy here this morning. Warm & windy.

I guess I did have quite a few items on that darn ol' Sunday's to-do list. It's the curse of that early morning, coffee in hand, invincible super-woman gal who lives in my head at that time of day. She can do anything and she always make my lists too long - way too many items to get through. And of course that means at day's end I'm never completely successful - which always makes me feel a bit bummed out. Sigh. I guess I prefer to aim high-est. Yesterday, miraculously, I did get all the things on the list accomplished except for one - the piling of wood.

Miss D and I are going here this weekend with MLou & her gal pal Miss J (Jiggs). Shut ! Up ! Yes !! it's true !! I am actually leaving this old brick house for a couple of days. Be still my beating heart. My goodness, I sure do need a wee vacation and I can hardly wait. We'll be staying at a cottage here (with Cabot the golden retriever on sight - MLou's doing). And BFF Harry will look after Les Boys (Bleet, Oliver & Gus) for the few days I'll be gone. More details to come ...

It's a designer gals scenic, food filled fall road trip, avec les chiens. Perfect! Yipee!

Another favourite Canadian band Great Lake Swimmers


  1. Susan, relax, have fun, and be list-free for a few days... it sounds wonderful! Yay!

  2. OMG Judy in KY !! reading your comment it's just occurred to me that I will actually have two full days of list-free, plan-less life. Oh my! Can I stand it ?? Wink.

  3. I'm glad the hurricane wasn't bad and as for your vacation...hope you have a lot of fun!!!

  4. Fabulous! A road ISLAND (that word conjures longing in my heart), girlfriends, and pups. It couldn't get any better. Enjoy yourself hugely.

  5. I'm the opposite... late at night, when I am more wide awake than at any time during my day, I am full of energy for the following day and make big plans. Then I finally hit the sack..toss and turn and get no sleep and can hardly drag myself out of bed never mind get all my plans rolling.

    Aha.... your fav place to be, PEI... are you taking the bridge or going the old fashioned way? That thing must be something to behold.

    It'll be a busy week getting ready for a fun weekend....Don't forget your camera....and plenty of extra charged batteries...

  6. Prince Edward Island? How fun! I'm sure you will have a glorious weekend. Take lots of pix to share with us.

    Enjoyed the music video! :^)

  7. So glad Kyle didn't drown you out! I was concerned when I heard where he was headed. And have tons of fun on your autumn get away! Warm thoughts to you and the fuzzy family.

  8. more great music. Thanks.

    " invincible super-woman gal who lives in my head at that time of day. She can do anything and she always make my lists too long"

    --how funny. i can well imagine--my wife is rather liek this too.

    Now tell me, Susan, why do you dry out those tomatoes on a map of all things?'

    Oh, adn hey, take pics for us!


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