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Sunday, September 14, 2008


Here I sit, with my first cup of coffee in my favourite cream coloured Starbuck's mug. It's 5am and all the windows in this old brick house are wide open, it's warm and quiet and absolutely still. The gentle steady hum of crickets are the only sounds we hear this early morning. I let Bleet out first thing. I turn the outside light on for him, tell him to be careful and out he goes to roam with the raccoons - the beginning of our daily morning routine. Then I turn my attention to the near famished kittens. Gussie, ever elusive, handsome and oh so sleek tabby cat, is most friendly early in the morning - because he is starving ... he is weak from hunger and neglect and might surely collapse at any moment. Hurry. Much mad bumping and rubbing and purring until I can get the can of cat food open. I would guess that almost 8 times out of 10, when I put a few spoonfuls of Florentine Duck or Crab & Shrimp Medley down into his dish, he takes a sniff and looks up at me with disdain as if to say You're kidding ? I'm not eating that. He is terribly fussy and then there's Oliver, he's not fussy at all. He's just happy. Happy all the time Oliver. Happy another day is beginning, always enthusiastic and game for anything. He's just plain sweet, in fact, he is without a doubt - the sweetest cat I've ever known. I pour my coffee and back up the stairs I go to sit and type by the glow of my beautiful 24" monitor.

I'm in the midst of a mad three day draw-paint-scan-meet that great arrow card design deadline of Monday Sept. 15th. No chores, no yard and garden work, only long walks with Miss D and her young beau Baby Duke, breaks to make pots of orange pekoe tea and restorative phone chats with best friend MLou. The rest of the time I'm happily ensconced at the teak topped desk in a creative flurry and I'm very satisfied (three words rarely heard together I'm + very + satisfied) with my progress thus far. I am going to make this deadline. Hallelujah ! Submitting card designs to this company has been on my list of goals for oh ... 6 or 7 years now.

Thank you all, once again, for all of your loving thoughts and hugs, and the strength and comfort that you've sent our way. It means so much to me and I'm so grateful that you all got to know our Queen, our Miss Lulu Belle. May she be roaming around in kitten heaven finding some new recruits to boss around and lord over. This house feels very empty without her huge and loving (to me anyway - I don't think the rest of Les Chats would concur. Wink) personality. I certainly miss you Squawkamolé, my Lulu Belle ... it's gonna take awhile to get used to this home without you in it.


  1. Hello Susan. Just to say I arrived here from insearchofadam.blogspot.com
    and Caroline's Black Boxes. I assume it was because I chose "cat" somewhere along the way.
    I was very sorry to read your beautiful posts about "Lulu Belle". My 8-year old Tonkinese sleeps in my bed every night and also loves to be picked up and stroked.
    Many hugs. I have bookmarked your blog and will be back. Incidentally, I am an ex-Montrealer who has been living in the UK for over 30 years.

  2. Good morning, Susan. I'm wishing you a very beautiful day, filled with unexpected smiles and love.


  3. Hi Susan, I've been looking back at your photos of Gus, Oliver, and Bleet. They look like such good companions. I love cats and their eccentricities.
    I've also been looking at your "house for sale" blog. It looks very tempting... I think I would like living there.
    Your commenter, Pierre, lists a lot of very interesting blogs on his site. I hope mine can be as interesting one day.

  4. You sound really good this morning, Susan. You have got to be feeling strong and happy that you are nearing the end of a dream you have had for 6 or 7 years. That's just proof to us all that a dream carries the possibility of fulfillment indefinitely, waiting quietly until the time we are ready to tap into it.

    This is tons of good luck wishes coming your way upon submission of your designs. Fingers crossed and everything!

  5. I love quiet...and lighthouses.
    Both hard to find in the big city. :)

    Beautiful blog!


  6. Oliver's personality sounds quite similar to Apple's. Just so happy all the time! Just so glad to be here!

    It's funny, our creative schedules are such that we might be working at the same time, but we'd pass in the hallway... me on the way to bed, you on the way to your computer!

  7. Wishing you wild success with Great Arrow! I love how mouse-hunter Gus will turn up his nose at gourmet food, must not be gamey enough for him. Maybe he needs "venison" or "pheasant" flavors.
    Hope you have a lovely and productive day, it sounds like it's off to a wonderful start.

  8. I just have to say ... I SO appreciate the lovely crew of kind and incredibly supportive friends I have "here" in this comment section on this blog. Thank you, all of you !
    xo S.

  9. I think I can see little Lulu in those beautiful clouds! Glad to hear you are making nice progress on your project. I am still having computer monitor envy. ;)


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