a tiny life No 1

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

tiny life sketch No 1 - my first wish

I think I may be on to something with this particular technique of illustration. It combines my love of drawing little intricate lines and marks with my array of fav fine black ink drawing pens. Then adding colour at the end, a wash of gouache, when the drawing itself is finished. I'm still a little frustrated with the cuteness of the style - of my innate style as I'd much rather my work had a looser more sophisticated and edgier style. Like this or this or this. More imaginative subject matter as well ... and a looser style.

But hey, my life is a work in progress. I think the important thing here is to just keep on keepin' on - sketching and painting. Losing myself (and thankfully Ache & Sadness - they get bored with all this creative stuff and they go watch reruns of CSI- Las Vegas on that boy's channel Spike) at the teak topped desk, listening to CBC or a book on CD (most recently The Girls by Lori Lansens which I really enjoyed), tinkling paintbrushes in mason jars filled with water and saying to hell with lawn mowers and vacuum cleaners. I'm just gonna draw & paint. And I know from years of experience - the more you do something, the more you practice and the more you experiment with different ideas - the better you will get. I just need to work on lessening that cute factor and I'm sure I can do that.

Hey ! notice how tidy that little yard is ? Wink. And there's a wee garden out back with sweet peas and cosmos and bird feeders everywhere.


  1. Hi Susan,
    I think your life sketch is delightful, especially the cat in the tree and the dog in the window.

  2. Susan, I love that picture and the title is perfect (all of us knowing you are dreaming of that "tiny"" life).I love your style. I like cute, I like edgy. But I have always liked the technique you use here of millions of ink marks followed up with watery color. Sometime when you have a moment, I'd love to know more about those pens you mentioned.

    I looked at your links. The middle one by the way didn't link. I just smiled when I saw Marmee. I've been a fan of her long necked women for a while now. Another I love is Judy Wise. Check out her web site. I love her girl in cowgirl boots. I would so love to own that one.

    I checked out The Girls on amazon and promptly ordered a used copy. I've read other books about cojoined twins and they were fascinating, I suppose because that is a world we "singles" can't fathom at all.

  3. Oh, I don't think it's too cute. But, I do think it's charming, which isn't the same thing at all. I especially love the dog in the window. I would think this would sell like gangbusters as a greeting card. You could even do individual houses for people.

    Ah well, I'm good at coming up with ideas for other people! Myself...well, that's another story.

    Happy Tuesday from us!

  4. It is sweet, and cute too without (in my mind) being overly precious. It reminds me of illustrations in a children's book. And I agree with Pamela that it would make a fantastic greeting card.

  5. thanks so much for all the cute love. (wink), xo, S, Winnie Darn Dixon and all those cats

  6. Hi Susan...I like your artwork...I wish I could draw the way you do. It's beautiful and soothing. I have missed you!!! I'll try to stop when I can. It takes a TON of strength to get up and come to my computer to write.

    Love you and the gang much!!

  7. Charming sketch, Susan...I absolutely love it!

  8. well, what's wrong with cute? hee hee
    i think it will make a fantastic greeting card!


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