sunny & warm

Saturday, September 20, 2008

sunrise, dogs and low tide

Quiet and coffee this early morning. I don't have to work on thumbnails or greeting card designs today ... or tomorrow. I kind of have the weekend off. The weather report is saying sunny and warm - perfect September weather and I mowed the lawn yesterday, always my most challenging chore - done. Lovely. So I think Miss D. and I will snug back up in the nest this morning until the sky begins to turn a paler dark blue, I with my second cup of coffee, and she with her rawhide chew ... and we'll write up a little plan for this last weekend of summer. Mama loves a plan. Wink.


  1. This water looks like glass!! And your nest sounds so snuggly. :)

  2. Such pretty soft colours.

  3. Yes indeed....we are enjoying some great end of summer weather too.... and I am out as much as possible...cuz it won't be long...til you-know-what.....

    have a great relaxing weekend.

    I may begin a Christmas crafting project today.....

  4. Sounds like a good plan to me! Edward and I are replanting all the windowboxes with fall flowers today. We send you our best wishes.

  5. What stunning pictures! I love the reflection of the clouds on the water. And may you have a relaxing and beautiful deserve after all of the hard work you did this last week. :)


  6. these photos are so haunting and just wonderful!


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