Sunday, September 28, 2008

miss D

She's got cheeks of sweetness ... Winnie Dixon, sweet cheeks, sugar beet, noodle-ette, shag-ah-licious ... just a very few of her many sweet names. My girl. My constant companion. And I love her so.

Large Sunday plans: (ooh ... there's a colon - not at all sure if it's supposed to be there. I tend to use dashes or ... 'cause I don't know when to use a colon or heaven forbid a semi-colon - maybe Austen could give a lesson in Punctuation for Bloggers. Wink.) • clean out the fridge A household chore that I actually very much enjoy - I detest a disorganized and messy fridge and with many new groceries and provisions from yesterday's girl's trip to town it's the perfect time • wood to stack 1/2 a cord left over from last year's load now needs to be stacked in preparation for this years anticipated 4 cord delivery. eek !! • etsy shop promo card and mailing label artwork off to printer. Plus create 29 Black Street shop banner • outdoor furniture put away (hammock and chairs). Here comes Kyle (love this map) • general tidying and organizing of les office and teak topped desk in preparation for final drawings of latest project from Customer No Unoreading my current book - Diane Arbus: A Biography while dreaming of walking the bustling and always thrilling streets of NYC. Sigh. • listening to Rex (swoon - super smart is the new handsome) while working at the teak topped desk. Another favourite CBC radio 1 show - Cross Country Check Up

and of course ... I'll be walking on sandbars with my best girl - miss D

and hey .... thanks so much for all your encouraging comments, I am hoping that my greeting card/art prints will be a huge hit. Merci.


  1. Hi Anya, I'm very near the New Brunswick border and on the Northumberland Strait (the East side)- the body of water that's between Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Apparently the Yarmouth/Digby tip of NS will have their high tide coincide with Kyle's arrival and storm surge. Up to a metre higher than normal seas.

    If you track Kyle on the stormtracker site that I've linked to you'll see that now it's looking like the worst part (for us) will happen early Monday morning.

    And shhhh, don't tell anybody but I'm not nervous ... I'm excited. That said, of course I wouldn't wish anyone to suffer any harm or loss of property. Mother Nature and her potential fury has always fascinated me.

  2. Gee Susan, you make me feel like a slug this morning! So much energy! And here I sit wondering if I could possibly squeeze in a nap before a luncheon date!

    I do so love the thought of gathering wood for the winter. Gosh, I do love winter!

    Happy Sunday to you and Miss Winnie from Edward, Apple and Me!

  3. Good morning, Susan.
    Sounds like you have a full day in store for you. :) I wish you a very beautiful and peaceful one.

    Much love xo

  4. Shag-ah-licious...I love that!

    Well, I did clean out my fridge this week. I hate it and put it off until strangities are growing and reproducing in there. But, ahh, such a fresh and glorious feeling to have a sparkling and orderly refrigerator.

    The Arbus is IN!! I need to run down and pick it up this afternoon. Yay!

  5. I wish there was a fridge fairy!Guess she'd be wearing white and silver with a little dress like an upside down cabbage or brussel sprout.Yes. Well. Where did that come from.Maybe someone slipped something into my morning coffee beans do you think?.Happy Day to you Susan!

  6. Hang on tight don't let Kyle blow you away! Hope you're out of harms way.
    Take care dear friend,
    Bonne Chance

  7. hey....all day I was thinking nobody posted anything cuz no new stuff showed up on my bloglist.... what the heck?

    I guess you notice I always use little dots ... kind of give me carte blanche....I just type in phrases and forget about punctuation...easier and to see what I can do about my list of nothingness...I bet everybody posted and now I'm miles behind!

  8. check out my blog now, under "Art, Art, and Inspiration"--I think you'll enjoy it. :)

    Yes, great map.

  9. Crikey - are you really going to get through all that??? I wish I could be so productive!


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