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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Oliver taking a well deserved 4pm break dans la teak topped desk

It's tres exhausting work being the most excellent, super attentive, always hangin' around design assistant and by 4 pm - when the sun is low in the sky over our little harbour and filling les studio with that wonderful pre dusk golden sunshine - well that's the time to stretch out, have a break, touch base and lets recap our day.

I spent another few hours at school yesterday which Miss D is not too thrilled about. Isn't it amazing how dogs have that psychic sixth sense- they just know when somethings up. The last two mornings when I have dared to be thinking of leaving this house without her she has followed me around like a little black wiry magnet, glued to me as I puttered and prepared throughout the morning for my 11am departure. And oh the look on her face as I put my coat on. The say it's not true face. The you can't be thinking of leaving without me face. Ears perked forward waiting intently to hear those two words she loves so much. Do ya ? Do ya Miss D ? Do ya want go in the car ? Do ya want go for a walk ? Do ya want to come with me ? If it begins with Do ya ? Miss D always says Yes ! With bells on.

Today I'll begin the process of brainstorming new scintillatingly exciting frame ideas for customer No Uno. Monday they're having their latest new season style/trend meeting and I'm planning to submit as many idea boards as I can muster. Once again parts of the brain will be turned to the off position and I will spend today and tomorrow going through stacks of decor magazines as well as hunting online for inspiration. If all goes well by weekends end I'll have several well thought out concepts boards drawn up and ready to present.

I'm up drinking coffee at 4am this morning. Once again I've accidentally bumped a button on my coffeemakers timer while setting it and the brewing time happened an hour earlier than it's supposed to. Don't ya hate that ? I stood momentarily in the dark kitchen this early morning pondering my next 4 am steps and finally decided Oh the hell with it, I'm awake we might as well start this new day.

And finally ... No this has not become a cat blog ... or an Oliver blog. I promise photos of non-Oliver scenes and events are Coming Soon ! Wink.


  1. Susan.......I am convinced our babes can read our minds! Whenever I think to myself, I need to bathe Sadie and Jake, they hide! No other time do they hide like that!
    They have to be reading my thoughts!

  2. There can never be too many Oliver pics as far as i am concerned.
    And yes, our furry friends are very smart and very expressive.

  3. Beautiful kitten. Ming meow! Hehe ... I hope you plan to succeed. :-D


  4. Good morning, sweet sweet Susan!!
    I wish you an extraordinarily beautiful day!

    "Today I'll begin the process of brainstorming new scintillatingly exciting frame ideas for customer No Uno" <<----oohhhh can't wait to see what you come up with...you MEGA talented girl!

    Much love to you and the furry gang!


  5. I hope you get to catch a nap in the afternoon with such early starts to the day.
    Hope you are staying warm as you declutter and plan and draw.

  6. thanks again for making me laugh..the whole deal with leaving and not taking your dogs, I work from home too, and so when I leave, its the same deal...like I am a bad mom if I don't take them...

  7. Didn't you love Mrs. Obama's cover of Vogue?? Beautiful!

  8. Such a cutie! Don't think there could ever be too many Ver pictures.

  9. what?...what are you sayin'....I like cat blogs....as a matter of fact yours and Daisy's are the first two I visit each morning....I love OLiver! he has the sweetest face ..he reminds me of my cat from when we were kids...and how I loved our Tippy....she lived to be 22 ... and was still very much "with it".
    She used to hand out on our small tables..or our rickety stools that we had to work on in place of a desk doing our homework ..especially typing on an old typewriter... she loved taking a poke at the keys as they came up... yeh... I'm ancient... ye very olde worlde manual typewriters...
    anyway...if this blog was only your furry gang... the seaside and flowers....I'd still be here every single day....

  10. Your language is very appealing. Wherever did you come from?

  11. Oliver is so sweet. I love the photos.I wish there was a HUGE warehouse with endless donated magazines and material scraps,where the go is to bring your own scissors and help yourselves.Large tables for working on, sewing machines provided and endless cups of tea or coffee...and unlike a library where you have to be quiet as you browse, raucous laughter and good times are encouraged.I would be so inspired!.(In reality, do you think it would end up like the summer sales, with two women bickering over a swag of material?)I am looking forward to seeing what you create dear Susan.Have fun!xxx

  12. but oliver is so cute! yesterday he was sitting in the glow of your mac and today he is basking in the glow of the sun. it's a cat's life for me! presley sends hugs to all of you!


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