ice & snow

Friday, February 27, 2009

our harbour one late afternoon walk this week

It's the land of ice & snow. It's been a hard winter, it's been a long winter ... and then I think back and remember past winters and I'm sure we've said that other years. We do love to complain about the weather, especially winter - it's a Canadian tradition. This winter has been constant and steady, no big thaws in between our big snows and bitter cold snaps. It's been continual snow, ice and cold since way before Christmas ... and we're sure ready for spring. The fisherman will tell you they don't remember the last time the harbour was so solidly frozen and so early in the season. Snow covered ice as far as the eye can see. Even though we're still buried under ice & snow spring is definitely in the air - the time changes next weekend and we're beginning a three day stretch of above 0 temperatures (hooray !).

My coffee brewed at the proper time this morning. It's 5:30 am and here we go again another brand new day. Think I'll take my second cup of coffee back to the nest with les Gang and do a little plannin'


  1. 9.20p.m here Susan. Nighty-nite!All the best for the day ahead.Hope the planning goes well and that you're inspired. Have a great weekend with that sweet gang of yours.

  2. Have a great weekend Sweet Susan &
    les gang!

  3. Where you really are cold. And this year you also suffered a Canadian snowstorm. But after the snow beautiful scenery.

  4. Good morning, sweet Susan! What breathtaking photos!!! Holy cow! Here's wishing you a FANtastic day!

    Much love to you and the furry friends. xoxo

  5. these photos illustrate how snow can be painted without white. i love that! have a terrific weekend and BTW - have you posted somewhere about why you are selling 29 blackstreet and where are you going?

    thanks for the kind words re: eva. its been three years but it still kills. i know you understand. xo chickory under another avatar

  6. It's been a rough winter all around, even in sunny climes. At least here, Spring is already showing. Big hugs, Susan, and to Miss D., Bleet, Oliver and Gus too.

  7. My jaw just dropped to the floor. That is breathtakingly beautiful my friend!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. I read your comment at Chickory. Having lost a beloved friend just last month I understand why it's hard to think of loving that much again, only to think about how fragile they are... I just wanted to say you are the type of person who should have animals and I hope you bring more into your life when you are ready.

  9. p.s. Stunning photo of your beach in snow.


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