teak topped

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

command central - la teak topped desk avec les assistants

Super tidy, super organized - including desk drawers which are practically bare and contain only much loved and tres useful items and tools of the trade. Many of which I discovered I had multiples of - how many stainless steel 18 inch rulers does one designer gal need ? 3 or 4 it seems. Oops ! I do see from these photos that the windowsills which are large, deep, sunny and best suited for cat lounging still need to be cleaned off. And since I'm in between official design projects and yesterday was a snow day so school was canceled I continued on this remarkable purgapalooza* (kick - dare I say) that I've been on since MLou's wondrous kick start of this freeing and tres empowering process. I spent the afternoon (3 hours) organizing my 2008 financial stuff. All you self employed people know what I'm talking about. The sorting and unfolding of every crumpled receipt which had been stored in that large shoe box was gone through, itemized and placed neatly dans proper labeled section in the 2008 accordion file folder ready to send off to Connie the accountant. Phew ! Connie tells me every year that my financial package is one of the neatest and best organized that she receives - be still my heart ! I tell you there is a neat freak livin' inside this girl and she's just bustin' to get out.

I'm amazed at how all of this makes me feel. Gradually as the rooms in this old brick house become bare and spare, organized and neat as a pin I feel like I'm becoming stronger, more confident and much more hopeful. And this lovely old house - who's rooms are all big and open with high ceilings and lots of giant large windows - is looking absolutely beautiful.

I'm going to school today, my first day - with the Grade 9 art class. Hooray !

* purgapalooza linkage


  1. Wow, wow, wow. You are da bomb!!!

    Have fun at school today.

  2. It's amazing how when you get things in order it gives you more energy, you feel better. Even the car rides and drives better after a wash and clean!

  3. Loved seeing the famed "teak top"! And the gang is right there, too.

    Enjoy the kids today.

  4. SwwwwEEEEtttt, you sweet, sweet Susan!! Love your desk space and LOVE your giant monitor. woot! :)

    Thinking of you tonnes today (and always) and sending much love to you and the furry gang! xoxo

  5. Love that dog bed at your feet. Mine is over by the window. My desk chair is skirted and since she was a tiny puppy, Apple has loved sleeping underneath it. Now that she's over 50 lbs she still does! Although her back half sticks out, as long as her head is under the chair she's happy. I actually bounce up and down while she's getting settled!

    How much fun to have a "snow day"!

  6. jealous of your monitor, your sunny windows and your "tres" clean desk

  7. Such adorable assistants, and such a wonderfully clutter-free desk top. I hope you have a fabulous time with the 9th graders!

  8. Look at those floors! Thanks for giving us a peek at your work space. We finally get to see the famous teak-topped desk....beautiful and warm.

  9. So thats what the Teak Topped looks like. Art class sounds interesting, Im looking forward to finding out how it goes. Not sure if I could handle that myself. Good on you for the clear out, it sounds very refreshing. Hugs from me.


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