purgapalooza day 2

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Peter and I in conference dans sunny hallway

a momento is not a memory

gifts of pink springtime from the city

breakfast of clutter champions


  1. I do not want Peter around here!
    He'd be throwing out my books !
    " Have you read this one in the last year" he'd say?
    Are you and Mlou having fun?

  2. Oh my god, I just woke up, brewed my tea and opened the computer to those amazing cinnamon rolls. I want one...warm...right this second!!!!

    Here you and I are on the same track again. I came to the decision last night after days of thinking that I'm going to ready my house also and the market be damned; I'll put it on the market this spring...Uh oh..that's just around the corner isn't it?

  3. Good morning, sweet sweet Susan!! The pink tulips are gorgeous..and I am thinking those rolls look yummy too!!!!!! ;)

    Hope you have a beautiful day! Thinking of you tonnes! **hugs**

    Much love to you and the furry gang. xo

    PS I have a HAPPY post today!...

  4. Have a happy purgapalooza day, Susan, Mlou, Peter and les gang!

  5. MMMmmmm!! Okay, now I have to head over to Golden Donuts for a glazed lemon-filled, 'cause your cinnamon rolls look delish and I NEED a breakfast sweet.

  6. Okay, I'm going right now to make some of those cini-rolls yum. Then I will offer it to my daughter who is about ready to boycott me because I keep reading blog posts and she wants attention. I don't know the man you mention...or the inside information, Susan...but I can tell you are making decisions and they are important. Much affection from Puerto Rico. <3

  7. Those killer cinnamon rolls just knocked me out of me chair!

    I loved the word "purgapalooza". Man, do I need to do some, too. I tend to be such a hunter and gatherer, dragging it all back to my nest.

  8. Carol this Peter, the Peter clone, my Peter (who read passages from the Peter bible throughout the weekend long Purgapalooza) was very gentle ... and he says if books are your passion and you have room to store them in a neat and organized fashion, it's OK ... fill your boots". It's actually more about the managing of the stuff you have rather than just getting rid of everything.

    Sunday evening and I'm getting ready to turn in early to the nest of down & flannel and words cannot describe how absolutely content, pleased, happy and thrilled I feel after our amazing weekend. We always have a perfect combination of incredible productivity, loads of fun, lots of laughs & silliness, fantastic food and ongoing, never ending chat. I feel so loved and so blessed 'cause I have an incredible friend in MLou.

    The cinnamon rolls are every bit as good as they look. I doubled the recipe which makes two pie plates or round cake tins full. I do believe you could freeze one pan (unbaked) for later. I plan to bake the second batch Tuesday and take my girls at the post office a still warm from the oven ooey-gooey cinnamon bun.

    Night all.

  9. amazing gooey rolls and lovely to read your comment above too.


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