Sunday, February 8, 2009


The project I'm currently working on has a strong based in historical ornament and style bent to it and as a result I've had to do a lot of research. I do have a fine collection of books from Dover Publications - as far as I know the premier place for inexpensive, copyright free, historic style & design reference material. Google, of course, is also a best friend and I've spent much of this particular project scanning, hunting & searching for both reference and inspiration. A fantastic sight I found ages ago, I can't remember where but thankfully I bookmarked, has the most incredible assortment of historic clip art - check it out here.

I love this particular octopus - animal totem meaning - intelligence & camouflage

Housekeeping is not a strong point with Octopus totem people. Wink. Perhaps I've finally found my true totem - that darn team of valets are still away on holiday and we're having company next weekend (guess who - uh huh, uh huh - that girl is returning). Yikes ! all I've been thinking about is what we'll have to eat, what will I cook ?? - I'm planning to make this for our breakfasts of (clutter) champions and she's mentioned - let's have fun-due since it is Valentine's day !! pshaw, we'll say, to those 4 food groups.

It's all mild (hooray) and dripping this early morning and Missy D and I have gotta get a goin' and start this most favourite day of the week. Sunday ... Sun-yeah !

Drawing, drawing, drawing.

and hey !! it's Darwin's birthday ...
scroll down and listen to a few of the tunes from Darwin the musical


  1. Oh Susan........my precious grandaddy used to say "pshaw"!
    I've not heard that word in years!
    Thank you! It made my day!
    Hugs to all the les gang!

  2. Susan you have yourself the most wonderful of Sundays. Thank you for the octopus image, I love this animal. Where do you find out what the different animal totems mean?

  3. I looked at the photos at m'lou's blog. That seems a great solution for you (because that combination would work for me too): a little bit city/a little bit country, keep the ocean please.
    But to live so near your best friend...so near you can share many weekly walks, well, that's the very best.

    Eva Cassidy had such a beautiful voice and I like the way she sang rainbow. How very sad that she died so young not having received the recognition for her talent that she did later receive from the world.

  4. Happy drawing, drawing, drawing- you'll want to have plenty of time for your company!

  5. Thanks for the clip art link, which I saved and also for the Darwin musical sound bites. It's amazing!

  6. yum looking breakfast soon and love the link.Thanks!
    Stay warm and happy up there, Susan.

  7. Good evening, sweet Susan! Thinking of you and wishing you the most beautiful week. I cherish you and your (blog) friendship. Thanks for all the love and encouragement you and the furry gang have sent my way! *hugs*


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