Saturday, February 7, 2009

Winnie Dixon leads the way on our late afternoon walk along the harbour

I do love the blue and golden warm light in late afternoon on a winter's day, black button noses, long, long shadows and sweet silver muzzles frosty with ice.

I'm afraid the teak topped desk is tres messy this early morning. I am mid project with my deadline a loomin' but am very happy to report that the creative breakthrough muses have arrived, much later than usual - but better late than never as they say. First thing on the agenda, when we've returned home from our walk around this little village in darkness, is to prepare this work space for optimum scintillating design creation - neat, tidy and organized. My fav red mechanical pencil loaded up with .03 HB leads, kneaded eraser well kneaded, fresh sheets of tracing paper and one more design, in a series of 5 to come up with. Then it'll be fine tuning & tweaking and onto finished drawings. Thank goodness for excellent radio programming all weekend long and a forensic thriller audio CD from the library to keep me company.

Hey !! MLou's been blogging again. Photos of my new stomping ground. To be magically settled into my new teeny 721 square foot abode on the outer edge of the city, with trees and lakes all around, within walking distance to that girl, for Missy D and I to be joining she and Miss J on these new spectacular walks is the image and dream I am holding tight. 'Cause this girl's gotta have a new dream, and the more I think about this one - the more it feels right.


  1. The light is beautiful in these photos, Susan. I checked out MLou's blog... your new stomping ground sounds perfect.

  2. I love that quality of light too, especially as the days grow longer. And Miss D looks so adorable. Warm thoughts from cloudy So Cal.

  3. Gosh, that does look cold! I popped over to M'Lou's to say hello. Her friend does remind me of Edward.

    Happy Saturday, Susan!

  4. Amazing photos again too! Take care!!


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