snow dogs

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

snow dogs - Em, Jake & Winnie Dixon

Love, LOVE, love

Cocoa butter bubbles are pouring, and there's big snow to be shoveled. I read yesterday that shoveling snow burns 89 calories per 10 minute session. We didn't really have a storm, here in this little village, as much as we had a steady but gentle, all afternoon and through the night, snowfall. I like to shovel in darkness another of my favourite things so I must get going this early morning. It looks to me like it might be the light and fluffy kind (I can hope) as I do believe that the snowplow fairy my neighbour Roger is away. After a snowfall, of any substance, he will magically appear on his John Deere tractor with the snow blower attachment and he'll blow away that terrible big hump that the snowplough leaves at the end of the driveway and walkway ... and in return I feed his cat Jessie (Yessie to us) a snack as he's out and about on his feline travels around this little village. He'll jump up on the kitchen windowsill and stare in at me, at us, until I ready a little plate of salmon Florentine or shrimp & crab medley to put out on the porch for him. Yessies' one of those cats that likes to stop for a bite here and there and everywhere - he's made a lot of friends and 29 Black Street is a favourite daily haunt of his - much to scaredy cat Bleet's chagrin.

And another day of drawing, drawing, drawing here at the teak topped desk. And perhaps, if it's not too much trouble, M. Universe a petite breakthrough in our (Oliver and my) current & tres challenging design project would be lovely ... and very much appreciated. Merci.

My pink peonies are part of this etsy treasury. How nice. Smile.


  1. Shoveling in the dark? I haven't tried that one, though I have discovered since being alone that I don't mind shoveling at all. That's one of those instant gratification activities.

    Good luck on the breakthrough!


  2. a few jobs ago my designer co-workers would pray to the design gods for inspiration. i love how your design god is named m. universe.

    back in my hometown my cat mr. gray was the roaming neighborhood cat. he made friends everywhere but always came back to snuggle with me right before dark.

    love the photos of your sweet dogs in the snow!

  3. Love the snow dogs! You must have plenty of photos to participate in the a look over at Oasis.

  4. Glorious snowy dog pix! Enjoy your snow day on Black Street!

  5. Bad thing about working at home is, no matter how bad the weather, you don't get a snow day unless you declare it yourself. Fun to hear about your neighborhood cat friend and the snowplow helper.

  6. Your post reminds me how much I miss dear wandering Dennis, since we've shifted house. I enjoyed his company so much, and would guiltily push him out the back door when his owners returned from work. I truly believed he would have loved to spend all his time at our place. But then cats have you believe that.

  7. The puppies are SO SO SO SO adorale in the snow!! awwwww! :)

  8. Beautiful pictures. I love animals so much and yours are so wonderful.

    Funny, when I read about shoveling, i thought the same thing as i last did it for my neighbours. Hey, not bad, burn calories and do a random act of kindess to boot. Not bad, not bad.

    To your earlier "love" post I add this:
    Fleece is wonderful, yes, certainly up there. I "love" my thick chunky zip up sweaters too. Makes me feel so safe and warm inside. I can carry love there with me all through the day and feel it whenever i am tempted to feel cold and alone.

  9. Dear Susan,

    Would you be so kind to put up a "follow me" link with followers listed? I'd probably like to read the blogs of those who regularly visit you--kindred spirits in many ways.

  10. ok Susan you are being book tagged by Valerie it is fun and easy just stop by my blog and read the rules!!


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