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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nessie Ness hangin' with his dog Miss D

You may remember that our Bleet-Ness was reared by retrievers and I can't quite figure out if it's that he's just plain in love with dogs or perhaps he believes he is a dog. None the less he's completely smitten with Miss Winnie Dixon. Jake was Bleet's Mama and Nessie adored that big red dog almost as much I did/do. Bleet fell instantly madly in love with Jake from the moment he laid eyes on him that fateful dark & stormy winter night many, many years ago. Very much like my own experience back when I first met the Noodle dog - t'was love at first sight - he was just that kind of dog ... Kindness & Comfort dressed up in handsome red fur.

Hey ! Miss D's got a tres chic new collar from this fantastic etsy shop - collarbones
we totally LOVE it !!! she looks tres beau wearing it. Why not support handmade !

Don't you love it when a cat gets the tip of their tongue stuck out and they forget to put it back in ? Too sweet. Happy Saturday !


  1. Oh, is it the legendary love affair between cats and dogs it? Really amazing. :)

  2. Awwww...Ness is quite adorable! And even more next to Miss D. Cuddly!!!!! And I SO love that last pic of Miss D. I want to snuggle, too!!!! :)

    Much love to you and the furry gang. I am ALWAYS thinking of you. xo

  3. Ohhh.... they both look so happy, comfy and content...and I just happen to think that content is one of the most important words in any relationship......

  4. What charmers...I am enchanted, Susan. <3

  5. Such adorable pets! Bleet is a very lucky kitty to be so blessed.
    And that last pic of Miss Dixon just tugs at my heart....I think I am going to print it, frame it and place it on my desk so I will remember to take a moment to assess my "contentment quotient"!
    I simply cannot do without my daily visit to 29 Black Street!
    Love to you all!!!

  6. Yes..yes..I do love it when cat's tongue's stick out like that - usually after they've just washed themselves and they are staring at you as if to say "Well? What are YOU looking at..."

  7. i've decided i'd like to come back in a future life as one of your pets, susan! what a warm, loved life of existence will be mine!!


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