Eames & Obama

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Eames postage stamps

Hooray ! A gift from sweet Anya in Colorado. Miss D and I received a little care package all the way from the mountains in the post the other day. An assortment of gourmet doggie treats and many tres thoughtful goodies for Mama - including this particular fav - a sheet of commemorative Charles & Ray Eames postage stamps. We designer gals, we do love our postage stamps - our little miniature teeny posters. Big smile and a big merci Anya !

Hey ! Obama's comin' to Canada today and we're all a flutter. We're jealous, we've got a big ol' crush and believe me we're so not used to crushin' on American Heads of State - this is all tres new and oh so exciting for all of us. He'll spend 6 hours in our capital city Ottawa with our Prime Minister Mr. Dull & Conservative Stephen Harper who breaks out the blue v-neck sweater when he's feelin' a little wild & crazy. Bored Sigh. We're totally embarrassed by his complete lack of cool. Live coverage (of course) on all Canadian networks radio & TV. It's all tres exciting. Apparently the streets of Ottawa are a total buzz and the city hasn't seen this much excitement since the Queen's last visit. Oh my !

I'm taking these next two days off from the teak topped design command centre to work on more of Peter's clutter control. Les office and les finances, Wooh Hoo !!


  1. Oh, very interesting, in some places you and I hold the same opinion.

  2. You've planted that little shoot inside me, and now I'm all excited as well. Can't wait to hear more about the visit!

    Have I ever mentioned how I love the 'tres' you write instead of 'very'? =)

  3. hey Susan...I heard that Oprah is having something about clutter busting on her show today.....

  4. Awww..how sweet of Anya!! :)

    Hope you have a superb day!

    TONNES of love coming your way from here in my little tiny town of Southern IL.


  5. Did you get a look at our President? Isn't he cool?

  6. Love the Eames stamps.
    Stopped by to say I've been enjoying your purging stories.
    Oh and the picture and recipes of the cinnamon rolls.
    I want to try those.
    Glad to hear your on the organizing, purging theme.
    I've been doing a lot of that too.
    Feels so good.

  7. I should one day send you something from CO

  8. ha ha I'm sitting in a airport at 5:30 am when I clicked on your blue sweater link.....it was really LOUD in this quiet gigantic airport!! So I clicked right out of it. lol


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