sunday sighs

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oliver in the nest of down & flannel

And where you'll find me this early morning. With my second mug of coffee and journal, bubbles and scent a pouring and I'll be planning this most favourite day of the week - Sunday.

Second floor purgapalooza continues - now that I've got the knack of it. A rapid fire three pile sort. 1. Keep 2. trash 3. donate/yard sale - every item picked up quickly goes into one of these piles to be dealt with later. No pausing, try not to hesitate or ponder too long, no trips down memory lane, no answering the phone or checking email. It's about quick instant decision making until you've gone through everything. This exercise is to get you started (which is by the far the most difficult part) and on your way to a pared down, clutter free existence. Hooray !

I'll make corn chowder after lunch, Miss D and I will walk the streets of the village later with Maggy Sue & Deb (the snow is too deep for dog legs at the golf course these days), I'll have an afternoon nap because Sunday's are most definitely for napping, and by days end all of my financial affairs will be totally organized and filed away safely dans le accordion file folder ready to send off to my money gal Connie. And later I'll listen to Rex and Cross Country Check Up and the question for Canadians this week is How big of a crush do you have on Obama ? (I'm paraphrasing) I know my answer - Huge giant crush ! We love him. Wink.

Big Sunday sigh.


  1. Man, you're up early. I couldn't sleep, so I got up for a cup of hot milk. It's 5:25 am. Are you in different time zone? Your post says you posted at 5:41 ! Just wondering....

  2. Excellent organizational plan... I think I will do the same! Your Oliver looks so cozy in his clean white fluffy bed. Isn't it a relief to get a rhythm going when your are cleaning? I think preparing to move forces that typed of activity...but it always feels so wonderful when its getting done. <3

  3. Sweet Susan...I hope you and les Gang have a wonderful Suday!
    Hugs, Carol

  4. Susan, I love him too! And Oliver is the sweetest looking little cat.

  5. I came to your blog via OWL, mostly because of your cat avatar. What a nice visit and I hope my cleansing of my place goes as well as yours, soon...

  6. Hi Susan! Remember in a previous comment I mentioned about my 81 year old mother having a yard sale this past weekend? She fell, during the last ten minutes, and broke her arm and is hospitalized! We tried to help her with the sale, but she insisted on rushing everywhere. Arm operation is tomorrow, poor thing - she hurt her face and back too.We weren't allowed near Dad's three sheds either, even when someone enquired "Got any tools?".Im glad it's over- gives new meaning to the phrase "throw in the spanner".Much love to you and the Gang,(and your photos are beautiful).

  7. whoops...mixed my metaphores - throw in the towel...spanner in the works- anyway,you get the drift.


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