Wednesday, February 18, 2009

sleeping dog on a bench - Polaroid circa late 80's

This photo was taken while waiting for the ferry to Martha's Vineyard. A weekend road trip adventure to Cape Cod with friends while I was living the young designer's viva la loca - cheap & easy - life in downtown Montreal. This fav Polaroid was unearthed during this weekend's purgapalooza.

Well my tres challenging current design project is finally winding down. Yesterday the Patron Saint of Design Brilliance - St. Concepta finally shone her gorgeous and much anticipated rays down onto me. Can I hear a hallelujah please ? With large portions of my brain in the off position (for thinking too much is a sure way to screw things up) yesterday, my last and most difficult to scale thumbnail was created, sent off and almost instantly met with oohs and ahhs and this one is SO beautiful. Uh Huh ... now if only I could figure out how this happens ???

The funny thing is this last design, the 5th in a series of 5 has been (since mid week last week) my bane, my thorn, my I'll never come up with something that I'm happy with let alone something my customer is happy with and yet this morning as I ready myself to create the actual size final drawing of this 5th design, the time when I get to flush out all the little tiny bits and pieces of style and pattern of a concept mostly realized - the fun part - this one of all 5 designs - has become the one I'm the most pleased with and the one that I look most forward to drawing in all it's detailed glory. Go figure. It's the Murphy's Law of Design.

I've decided as a reward to myself for finishing up this project this Thursday & Friday I'm going to continue on the clutter control and declutter my finances. I'll go through ALL my financial paperwork (and there are piles of paper - that self employed person's save every little piece of paper pile) and get that organized and figure out myself a proper budget and do some filing.

Mama's gotta make room for Madam Abundance (M. Invincible's paternal twin), who's due to arrive any day now.


  1. I think you'll find Madame Abundance hiding under the old bank statements. In fact, she's been there all along. She's a low talker and it's hard to hear her over Saint Anxieté's incessant chatter.

    hallelujah + high five + praise the peter...I'm with you in spirit!

  2. most excellent...happy uncluttering...

  3. that's right....just clear off a big space for her....and the vacuum will suck her right into it.... wooohooooooo.........

  4. Dang, nobody told me about St. Concepta! I have a "come up with a few great ideas for the client" job here. Yeah, just blow two or three out of my ...ear. Woke up dark early and mentally chewed on it. Few lame ideas. So glad things are working for you. Love the relaxed doggy pic.

  5. Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    LOVE the pic, too. :) Wishing you a fantastico day!

    Much love to you and the furry gang. xo

  6. Hallelujah!! Funny how Madame Abundance fuels so much energy! Send her over here!!

  7. posted a yummy soup recipe for you to try some day with one of your home made breads.....

  8. Why do you send little pics to your cleint? to save time drawing real thing bigger? Or it is just a loose sketch too with vague colour references? I'm interested to learn about that.

    Well, kudos to you for good job! Design is funny, isn't it? more of then than not the ones I spend little time one are often the best designs.


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