oliver & the gtc poster

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Oliver brainstorming new exciting & creative ideas in one of his many offices

Hey ! I was just the designer - Oliver, our Don as we like to call him, oversaw the Creative Direction of the gtc poster. Other interesting facts about this multi talented, tres athletic, oh so handsome, tabby mix, super soft, smells like fresh laundry (& all-the-time) cat are as follows:

• will do circus tricks for whiskas tempations - will spin and dance round in circles and/or stand tall on hind legs and mew his cutest, pleading, chirping mew.

• he has a younger adopted brother Virgil (the cat formerly known as Gus) who is devastatingly handsome, trim & part feral. Oliver likes to put a poundin' into Virg every now and then just so that Virg remembers who's the top cat & big brother. Oliver often enjoys sleeping cuddled up with Virg and grooming him from head to toe - until the cows come home.

• he wishes to be best buds avec le beeg, blag, Brooklyn born Dominican cad - for he ees so cool

• he was invited to audition for Madonna's Jump video because of his most excellent parkouring (free running) talents. He loves to race around and up onto furniture at top speeds for no apparent reason other than the pure love of the art of movement. Unfortunately he had to turn it down as his passport/visa papers were not in order.

• he is madly in love with a tabby mix (like himself) with a black nose M Millie (ah she is stunning) from far away Newcastle upon Tyne (or NuT), he has been saving, his grossly underpaid Creative Director/Photo Assistant, wages in order to pay for a steerage fair in a big boat leaving our little harbour one day. He will wear his cream coloured, I'm a Nova Scotia hardy sea cat, cabled fisherman knit sweater to impress her.

• he is the best, most charming, sweetest, most dog like, affectionate, personable & super social cat ever. We, especially me, are totally crazy about him.

Oh yeah ! our Good Things Come big calendar poster's are ready - you can pre-order here !
10 bucks + shipping ... and we've got lots more poster ideas up our sleeve ... so stay tuned.


  1. Such a handsome fellow! I can relate to the "fresh laundry" smell, but I didn't know how to express it until I read your post.

  2. Hi John, I think it may have some thing to do with the amount of time he spends snoozin' (I mean working) while lyin' around on freshly made, hung on the clothesline, bed clothes ;-)

  3. Oh he is so handsome! I can relate to the "fresh laundry" smell, too. Love the calendar!

  4. Love the poster. Great kitty kat pictures
    Benny & Lily

  5. Millie swooned quite away when she saw these.....

    But she wonders why Oliver and hardly anyone else is reading her blog? All those mice, and no one noticing the steadily-rising tally!

  6. He is SO handsome! Lovely quilts, by the way.


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