2011 good things calendar

Monday, September 13, 2010

2ft x 3ft black & white poster calendar for 2011 avec hand printed red accents

The latest ... in my never ending, always something new and exciting, pile of self directed and imagined creative projects. The thing that is so shocking (and completely thrilling) to me is that at the beginning of each month I always make a wish list, I always have. One of those bucket lists for the new month. A list of all the stuff that I've been wanting to do, would like to do, would be cool to do and a few I wonder what if I did dos. (It should be noted that house cleaning tasks and/or chores never seem to make this list (?), we're still waiting for that team of mute, invisible elves to return). This list - is empire building stuff.

Where was I ... oh yeah ! The shocking thing ...
is ... lately I'm doing them all. All.
Uh Huh ! Just high lighting away each and every item Yee ha ! down the list I go.

- submit polaroid photo duos to Canadian Art Prints
- submit a book cover design to Uppercase
- submit aseveral cover ideas to Underwire magazine √
- design a new portfolio/promo PDF that I can whip off to prospective new employers √
- create a portfolio blog and continually add some of the heaps of work I've done over 10 years √

that lovely long list of lime green high lighted DONE stuff just goes on & on.

Plus I'm continually hunting and finding new potential sources of submission(s). Who knew Creative Empire Building could be so much fun ... and the feelings of accomplishment so very rewarding. Making me so happy & thrilled - you have no idea. Merci. M. Cowboy for allowing me this big pile o'creative breathing space to get this stuff done.

It's calendar season and I have had this "good things" germ of an idea floating around in my noggin' for at least two years. Because of a super printing price I'm hoping to be selling this BIG 2 ft x 3 ft black and white poster with one of a kind hand printed red accents for under 10.00 a pop (plus shipping) dans le etsy shop. I just need to get my prototype poster back from the printer, add my red accents* get it up on a wall, photograph it (with Oliver 'cause every "good things come" wall calender looks better photographed with a very handsome cat and a few treasured nick nacks) and get it listed in my etsy shop.

Available for pre-order next week and will ship in November, if not sooner

* using hand carved stamps - hooray


  1. I love it. Susan. Love you are getting everything done on your list I want to see your pdf portfolio. Do you do it all low res? I bet it looks GREAT!! I admire you so much. you are such an inspiration. Love it when you are like this, and feel so on top of things.

  2. So happy for you Susan! The recipients of your creativity must be rubbing their hands in happy anticipation. Your calendar looks wonderful!

  3. Susan,, your work is just phenomenal. I went over to your Portfolio Blog. And the calendar looks great! I'm looking around my very visually cluttered garden room walls to see if I have that much room... Meanwhile, you've inspired me to have a "month list." Cause I'm gettin' nothin' done!

  4. Hooray! Love it :) I will post about it on my blog when it's ready to buy.


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