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Thursday, September 2, 2010

looks like my in-box is stuffed with goodness

O & V -

Oliver caught a mouse earlier in the week. He's pretty sure (and hoping) M. Millie will be tres impressed. He quickly, with mouse in mouth, high tailed it down into the beautiful basement (lair of all things feline including trauma & torture) I managed after 2 unsuccessful try's to rescue the tiny mouse, one of which the mouse decided running up the inside leg of my jeans would be a perfect hiding place. Uh. Ne pas tiny mouse. I did catch him on the 3rd try, much to the chagrin of O & V took him outside, placed him gently in the shade of a big tree and apologized profusely. When I went back to check on him he was gone and I'm hoping - reasonably unscathed.

Virgil (the cat formerly named Gus) sleeps much of the time and is completely anti-social. It's apparent that he does not have an affectionate bone is his sleek & trim, beautifully handsome perfect tabby body. The cowboy, if pressed, would admit that Virg is his favourite cat and he would say it is because Virgil (formerly Gus) is the only authentic cat living here at 29 Black Street. A barely tame, miniature tabby panther who sleeps most of the time, skulks around in the shadows only coming out from time to time to wail (demand) pitifully for some darn service around this freakin' joint, and very occasionally (a rare photo op) will stretch out on the floor or chair in plain view and in a dramatic fashion much like the Serengeti lion in a tree he is akin to. He is a captive wild thing. Sleep, eat, occasionally hunt, play fight with O, sleep, eat, repeat. He's bags o' fun. Not.

But then ... Monsieur Charm, Mr. You-Know-Who makes up for Virg's lacking, and in spades.

Oliver (aside from being absolutely perfect in every way) behaves as if he's a kind of combo pet - part cat, part dog, part best friend, part hunter, curious, confidante, photo assistant, design associate, talented, athletic, crazy, silly, goofy, also very serious by times and extremely handsome. If pressed I would say, under my breath of course and in a whispered voice, that he is my favourite. Of course, not to be forgotten there's the BleetNessie, the big, fat, black velvet, chickelit cat ... and well that's another story, for another day.

Hey Earl's on it's way ... and headed for Nova Scotia - please forgive me if I say ... Oh Boy !

* the cat formerly named Gus


  1. Oh, doesn't it warm the cockles of your heart to see a fine tabby cat! Two's even better.....

  2. If we have puppies next year, I'm naming one Virgil. :)

  3. Hi Dani, Doug (oops I mean that darn cowboy) renamed him Virg ... it does suit him and puppies how exciting xo S & les Gang

  4. I see a whole animated movie in the adventures of your pets. Or perhaps a series of cat solving murder mysteries a la Rita Mae Brown.

    Is there video of you with a mouse up your pant leg and if there is why aren't you posting it?

  5. Or maybe my pet turkey if I ever get one.

  6. Hey Shammy - so sorry no youtube clip available (yet). I can assure you however there was dancin' - arm waving, high steppin- dancin'.

  7. I do love your kitties! Mice, not so much.

  8. Do you read The Cat Who mysteries? They're awesome!!! The hero has a lovely moustache and a droll manner that reminds me of a certain cowboy... There are only about a million of those books.

  9. What very gorgeous kitty pictures.

  10. Such perfectly catty pictures. Love them! Love teeny cat teeth.


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