hope, promise, diligence & practice

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

more photos from our (Missy D & my) grand daily adventures out and about in nature

The very least you can do in your life is to figure out what you hope for.
And the most you can do is live inside of that hope.

Barbara Kingsolver

h & p- hope and promise - august 2009
d & p- diligence and practice - july 2008

I was reading back in my own archives yesterday. These two posts, one from the summer of 2008 and the other from late last summer. I did give up and give in much of the time, I know I did. That tiny spark inside of me, the one that has always loved with great enthusiasm the tiny things in my life ... never gave up completely. I did have hope & promise tucked away and I did try to greet the mornings with diligence & practice.

Oh my, how things have changed over this blog's 3 year history. It's quite staggering, so many of my wishes have come true, so many of my dreams and goals suddenly seem to be chugging along on a sturdy track. One of my greatest gifts has always been the ability to plan. I used to say if you could make a living planning stuff I'd be rich. Planning everything & anything, from what I might have for lunch to the entire renovation of this old brick house and I'm talkin' skies the limit, unfettered, dreams can come true, no need to worry planning.

In that secret place in my heart I had pictured this life I'm living, pictured it, dreamed it, planned it and all in amazing accuracy and detail. I still pinch myself, at least once a day, that suddenly ... I'm living it.

I'm rockin' on today with love, here at the teak topped desk.


  1. WOW!! It feels nice to read and blend with something that one of my fav. bloggers, the Nova Scotia princess with her army of faith and fun; Jake and Bella, pens with peace and poise..:)
    Loved this one, dunno if you remember me...Fiducia!!
    Keep blogging and hoping to see more of those old summer verses.

  2. Of course I remember you Fid !
    you've been here awhile now, with me, with us, through all that darn plannin', wishin' and a hopin'
    xo S & les Gang

  3. I know I'm happy to come here every day to read the life of a cat loving, dog loving, earwig lovin' self employed designer living in the wilds of Nova Scotia.

  4. Ditto Shamy! I love coming here everyday.

  5. Me too! Sending happy wishes your way Susan.xx


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