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Saturday, September 11, 2010

still in progress collage magazine cover art

Creative activity could be described as a type of learning process
where teacher and student are located in the same individual.

Arthur Koestler

submit, submit, submit ...

Submit high, submit low, submit everywhere & anywhere I think I might fit and have loads of fun doing it. All the while getting lots of practice with my fairly new found collage illustration craft. And keep on spinnin' that giant ol' wheel of fame, and hopefully, someday fortune*

My latest submission guidelines

Cover Art Submissions
Underwired features different artwork on the cover every month. We look for images that play on the chosen themes and incorporate the female form.

October - The Bust Issue
breast cancer awareness, __________ or bust, getting busted (caught in the act), bust a move, bust the mold, first bra, bust out, that was a bust....

reference image and sketch

finished collage

Les steps
  1. put thinkin' cap on and lace up securely under chin. Immediately think of those very distinct, pointy, seamed vintage bras
  2. google image search vintage bra and find a zillion and a half great images to choose from
  3. choose a bra image with distinct seaming giving me four perfect quadrants per boob or cup to collage within. Do rough sketch in pencil, then when happy go over with thickish black marker. I'll need a heavy black line so that I can see my sketch through the thick water colour paper that I actually collage on (layered on much loved portable light table) .
  4. happily cut, glue, paste, paint, draw - very trance like state occurs leaving worry & fret high and dry
  5. digitally mess around by close cropping and play with different backgrounds
  6. add typography ... oh Gill Sans Ultra Bold I can't seem to stop using you. You funky thang ... I love you and I'm too poor to buy new fonts from Veer sighing
  7. send submission via email and try and forget all about it ... on to next submission
It isn't all about being chosen, being published or recognized, although who am I kidding of course that is and always will be thrilling ... right now I want it to be about the process of creating something, of opening myself up, practicing techniques, learning new skills, tricks
and building my creative confidence. Oh yeah and did I mention - the fun, oh my the fun.

Also applied to be a part of this amazing paper project - only 3 spots left
fingers, toes & paws crossed

* actually enough to pay les bills and buy more art supplies would be just fine


  1. It will happen, it will happen! These are just your starving-artist-in-a-garret years, and they are almost over......

  2. I thought for SURE Joan would have snuck into your collage. If anyone is rocking the bust it would be our beautiful Joan.

    So lovely.

  3. OMG Shammy Sham I'm having a mental pause moment - "our" Joan ?? Duhh !
    cyber smack me will ya ?

  4. Those are gorgeous. Love the red.

    Anita Ekberg? :-)

  5. Mad Men's Joan. Grrrrrhhmmmmmmmmmm.

  6. ahhhh ... of course. Don should have mentioned that to his stunned Mama. You know I've just started watching (listening) to Mad Men again beginning at the beginning - on my computer while working at the TTD. Is that wrong? Love, love the theme music.

  7. So I feel like I'm the only one NOT watching Mad Men...oh well. And I too would love to own that bra.

  8. If I had dew claws they would be crossed! Tail Wags,

  9. I like what you ended up coming with. Great. I would never have the patience for collage liek that but love what you do. Plus, you;d need non copyright protected printed material too, right? Looks like you found it just fine.


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