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Friday, September 24, 2010

another hydrangea from our front garden - this one starts out with pale citrus green blossoms

1 & 2 - hyndrangea 3 asparagus 4 & 5 queen anne's lace 6 & 7 harebell 8 & 9 another more pink hydrangea 10, 11 & 12 double impatience oh my we love that pink !

I overslept this morning by an hour*, unheard of for me. I've been so happily busy lately the moments and the days seem to be flying by me. I keep checking items off of my long list of September to-dos and with 6 days remaining it's looking like I'm going to check every thing Hooray ! The cowboy's been away for a few days this week and I taking advantage of my freed up evening hours last night - I had dinner guests. Shut ! Up !! I know 'tis shocking ! OK, those of you who've just fallen out of your chairs, pick yourself up and believe me, as surprising a revelation this may seem - it's true and I had the best time. I made homemade veggie pizza and a big tossed salad and they brought dessert - individual pineapple upside down cakes served warm with a lovely big blob of coconut milk, vanilla bean ice cream. Yum & tres delicious !

I had the new girls over accompanied by their tres handsome, large & goofy dog Juicy, who's personality is so like that of my big red dog (and true love) Jake. Juicy is the real reason I introduced myself to these girls in the first place. They had just moved to this village, into a big, beautiful old yellow house that looks over the harbour and which is on our twice daily walking route. The whole family were outside this particular sunny June afternoon working in their garden - big, gorgeous, dog along with them and I looked at Missy D and I said we gotta go meet that dog - so we did and it turns out we're crazy about him and we kinda like those girls too.

Today I'm Rockin' On that (6 days left) September to-do list and havin' a ball doing it. M. Invincible's back it seems, I'm lovin' having her here for a visit and I never know just how long she's gonna stay. Thanks to Miss Arty Lovely who sent me a fantastic paper goodness package all the way from the magical far, far away island of New Zealand. Merci Sweet Pea !

*woke up to Oliver waiting patiently curled up on my belly, he always insists on sleeping on top of me. Turns out he was waitin' for me to wake up to hear my shrieks of joy upon noticing the very dead tiny mouse he had loving placed, feet up, on my quilt about 8 inches from my chin. Gee uh ... thanks Oliver ... um ...Good Cat ?? Sighing ... Life with cats ;-)


  1. Gorgeous photos as always...and you made me so chuckle this morning with your little uh huh chat. :) hee

    So glad you are keeping busy and feeling well. You're such an inspiration. I truly hope I get to meet you someday. I finally have my passport!!!! :D

    Much love to you and the furry gang. Always thinking of you. xo

  2. Millie thought that was a really long, tedious post till she got to the last paragraph, at which she gave an excited "peep!" and wondered why you had bothered with all that stuff about dogs first. She has offered to be your editor in future. Editor with a savage claw to put an end to all that doggy narrative, and to ensure a proper focus on mice and Oliver.

  3. Oliver was hoping Millie would read of his mousing triumphs xoxo the Cat

  4. Holy mackerel.
    A dead mouse.
    That's why I have dogs!! :)!

  5. So glad it arrived :) Ive been collaging up a storm over here too.


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