I must own this book

Monday, September 27, 2010

illustrations by the fabulous Camilla Engman - find her also at Studio Violet

This book, A Homemade Life - Stories and Recipes from my Kitchen Table
written by Molly Wizenburg (creator of Orangette the blog) - is lovely. I must own this book.

It's lovely, it's perfect, it's beautifully & magically written - it's like a hot mug of perfectly brewed tea, it's like your favourite duvet or quilt, fresh from line tucked up under your chin, it's like the hot water bottle you've perfectly positioned under that darn knot in your shoulder. It's the kind of book, that barely a few sentences in you find yourself exhaling that deep sighing breath ... that soft whooshing barely audible ahhhh and think to yourself this is going to be an amazing read.

My copy is a library book. It's the second time I've borrowed it, the first time it was relatively newly published and quite popular - therefore book had holds which meant I couldn't renew it and could keep it only 3 weeks. Not nearly long enough for my read 6 pages and fall into a deep sleep bedtime only reading routine. I do remember, back then, mentioning the book to best friend & designer gal MLou (who is a foodie as well and from way back). I told her then You, are gonna love this book ! with great confidence & enthusiasm. Well I'm sayin' it again.

So this morning I'm dolling out virtual copies of the book and encouraging everyone to either buy a copy or borrow a copy from a friend or the library. If you love talking about food and love listening to people talk about food, if you gasp when you find a book that's written so descriptively that you can't believe that you aren't actually there with them .... say, in her mother's 80's aerobics class, there with your own brightly coloured spandex & legwarmers thumping around in unison to Olivia Newton John. Her descriptions of places and people, of her family and events and of cooking & food are nothing short of magical. The book is filled with recipes also, to go along with each chapter/story about some family member, event or occasion in Molly's life that most often centered around food.

Molly's book reminds me of two other great food writers (food, family, life writers) Laurie Colwin & Ruth Reichl whose books are all pretty amazing as well. But ... this book tops my list currently. So I'm handing out some of my extra virtual copies now to a few friends who I can almost guarantee will love this book as much as I do.

MLou, Big Shamu, Rachel, Pamela, Willow & Marie.


  1. I share your sentiment, Susan. This book is a must-read. Thanks for sharing. Love the cover design, too.

  2. Thank you; I shall enjoy it immensely. Once I've mastered the virtual reading, of course.

  3. Susan--I totally agree.

    When I took a copy out from the library a year or so ago, I started reading it while sitting on the sofa. By 4pm, I was in a reclining position and I had read through the entire tome.

    Laurie Colwin exactly. In my younger years when I worked at a magazine shop in downtown Hlfx I could not wait for the foodie mags to arrive so i could read recipes and of course Laurie's column in Gourmet.

    My favorite recipe by far has been the slow roasted tomatoes with coriander + the accompanying recipe for pesto made with the roasted tomatoes.

    Heaven---homemade pizza has never been the same over here since.


  4. Wow sure looks like a good one, thanks
    Benny & Lily

  5. So dissapointed.Library in Halix does not carry it!


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