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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wow ! 10"x 20" poster for the Creative Connection Conference - here

The cowboy teases me ... that one of the words I totally overuse is totally ... 'tis true.
That said, I am truly & totally inspired by the beautiful collage art made by Cori Dantini

her etsy shop
her blog

Sometimes when I'm trolling around the amazing lands of creative women who blog (which trust me is often and those lands spreading far & wide) I am so blown away by the amazing talent that I discover (and rediscover) that I have moments (thankfully brief) that I just want to hang up my own tiny scissors, put away my glue stick and my ever growing stash of swell papers and with a sigh of resignation ask myself Can I ? Do I ? want to try and find my own way in this lovely thick mess of beautiful clever artwork. Can I ? Do I ? want to compete with such talent ? (I do hate the word compete) And ... of course, the answer is always ... Yes ! Yes ! I do

Then I promptly shoo that darn question out the door because continuing to ponder it is pointless. It's the thing I think I'm finally grasping, at least in this one little area of my life. Every time I work on something new I always want to ask myself Is this good ? Is this good enough ? Is this great ? Is this perfect ? am I completely thrilled with the end results ? And I know in my heart without a doubt the answer to any and all of those questions - would always be - No !

So I don't ask them anymore. Aren't I clever ?
Now I just need to start applying this same cleverness to a few other areas of my life.


  1. Her work is lovely, thanks for sharing. Good work NOT asking yourself those questions.

  2. Honey, take my "everything is bigger in Texas" word for it: you are indeed very, very good.

  3. OMG, I just noticed in your sidebar mention of my little blog. Thank you!

  4. Such gorgeous stuff!! And STOP comparing yourself to others, I, too, have this problem though...sigh.

  5. this was an expensive morning! thanks for the link with the artist


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