autumn's here

Thursday, September 23, 2010

scarlet runner beans

Have I mentioned how much I love ...


and the light in our tangled back garden in early evening
the shadows & vines & citrus green leaves
a big, fat, orange full moon over the harbour shining in on our darkness this early morning
a tub full patchouli blend bubbles
walking the streets of this little village with Missy D when many are still tucked in their beds
and the lovely autumn


  1. Autumn is the thing I miss the most about Nova Scotia---all of those colors, crisp apples, chilly, dewy mornings, the Halifax farmer's market. The loveliest of sweater weather.

    I also love that Hawksley Workman song. Actually I love Hawksley Workman in general.

    Have you ventured to the new Halifax Market venue yet? I can't wait to visit on the next trek home. I'm a little nervous about it--I have been going for 24 years even if the visits have been sporadic these past few years due to distance---hope the ambiance is still there.

  2. Hi sv, I hardly ever seem to get to Halifax, and especially on a Saturday but best friend MLou has certainly been to the new market venue lots and has given rave revues. I think the brewery location was really just bustin' at the seams.

    This particular version of this song is amazing ...

    Happy Autumn !

  3. Love, love, love Autumn...lots of sticks to chew on. Mom + Dad are going to Maine, I have a house sitter, which means the cat is in charge, bummer. I will miss them. Tail wags,
    Ps...they will miss going to Celtic Colours this year.

  4. Hey Moose, we're planning a trip to Maine as well - in mid October. Missy D's coming too, we're going here ...


  5. So lovely...I wish autumn were prettier here, some golds and a few reds, but mostly everything just goes brown.

  6. Yes, Autumn is here and I can't wait to show you the pics I took yesterday while walking. You'd chuckle at me, because I was saying to myself...."I want to look at the world through Susan's eyes"!! Uh huh. Yes I did. :) hee

    Much love to you. xo


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