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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

another 8'x 8' canvas children's art piece - a work in progress

I've been happily wearing my graphic designer hat of late working on a few local jobs - a logo, signage/promotional material for an all pet boarding kennel in our area plus working on a 12 page newsletter for the hospital foundation, a newsletter that I work on every year at this time.

I'd like to have a second etsy shop where my product focus is all whimsical, typographic, inspirational art (original & giclee prints) for children, and of course, for the young at heart and
that shop is where I see these two pieces fitting nicely.

I love balancing back and forth between the super clean, fussy, organized computer work that comes with the graphic designer turf and the messy often, devil may not-know-what-comes-next 'tude of this mixed media collagey stuff. And my newest series of collage posters with quotes, is kind of a marriage between the two styles & sensibilities - something quite graphic but collagey too. Truth be told it doesn't really matter what style I'm working on - as long as I'm working - I'm having a ball.

Although ... yesterday was a tres Yucky day. You know those days that are just plain blah, you can't put your finger on anything specifically bad or unsavoury about them and in fact I actually had some fantastic work/project news (news I'd been expectantly waitin' on) news that had Missy D and I doing our big, little happy dance around the TTD for a spell. But even that couldn't scoot away those darn Yucks. Sigh. The kind of day, that all day, you have that feeling that you won't be sorry to see this day be put to bed. Nighty- night yucky day.

It was a terrible Tuesday - what can I say. Here's hopin' for a wicked Wednesday

Bonjour - today will be a very fine day- 8'x 8' mixed media canvas


  1. ..."nighty-nite yucky day". Love it! In this era of feeling the need to express gratitude for absolutely everything,I find this delightfully refreshing!. Bless you Susan and best wishes for your sunny creative days. I so much enjoy seeing the work you are creating .xx


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